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Repurposed Vintage Screen Door

vintage storm door

I have a fun project for you today. I changed out the screen from a vintage storm door with chicken wire.
I am taking part in a huge Flea Market show in Louisville over the 4 day Memorial Day weekend.  I am not exactly sure what all I’m taking, but I will be be selling the Rustic Wedding Signs I sell on ETSY.


vintage screen doorThis is a door I got from a neighbor a couple of years ago when he replaced it with a new one.

I started by removing the screen with a razor blade.


Then I removed the pieces holding in the screen.

Dug around in the shed for this chicken wire I curbed a few years ago. . .

cut chicken wireI gathered the proper tools, some gloves and a staple gun.
After I stapled the chicken wire, I snipped off the excess with some tin snips.
Then I replaced the trim pieces with some brad nails.  This color isn’t a good representation of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint (Tricycle).  It looks too pink in these pictures.
repurposed screen doorThis picture shows the true color better.  I painted it with the milk paint, but I didn’t wax it.  I wanted it to look old and weathered.
repurposed screen doorI took it for a test drive to make sure I liked how the signs look on it.
I attached a couple of boards about mid way up the back with some old sewing machine cabinet hinges.
To allow it to open, I added some chain.
I added a permanent brace across the bottom (back).  The pieces on the left and right slip into place to keep it from collapsing.
vintage screen door repurposedYou can see that it folds (closes) flat for storage and transporting when the left and right boards are removed.
The neighbor had cut some of the door off on this one side.  I added a scrap piece to help the door sit right.  Not shown, I added another piece and painted them with MMS milk paint.
repurposed screen doorHere is the display piece set up without the left and right support pieces.
I try out the signs again.
I used “s” hooks to hang the signs.  They work, but easily fall off the chicken wire.  I will have to figure out another way to hang them.
repurposed red screen doorI think this is going to work perfectly to hold my signs, and I LOVE the color! I have plans to make another display piece after I get back from my trip.


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  1. I’m not sure you still need an idea, but I use single drapery hooks on the chicken wire to hang my items. The narrow side holds on to the wire well, and then you have a big hook to hang on.

  2. lalainia says:

    This would look great in the garden with climbing peas or beans.

  3. Love this idea! I am working on screen door displays for Junk Bonanza right now…love how you can use the s-hooks on the chicken wire! Think I’m headed to the hardware store…thanks for sharing!

  4. Great idea for displaying your signs. And yeah what Shelly said.


  5. Excellent! I bet you will get asked if it is for sale!

  6. You are clever as all get out!!!! Great idea for dsplaying your signs. Hope you sells gobs at the show.

  7. What a clever idea, love the way it folds down for easy transport.

  8. Very cute and practical. Great job!

  9. I love it! What a great idea for cute storage for a booth! I want it for my back door though but I guess it wouldn’t keep the bugs out anymore now would it? 😉

  10. What a faboo idea! Can’t get enough chicken wire! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love this! Thanks for sharing the how to. Blessings, Patti

  12. I love it Gail! It looks so good holding your sign! Great job!

  13. And when you’re all done with it for that purpose, you could prop it up in the garden as a trellis!
    Very nice!!

  14. Great work! I’m all inspired to get started with some fine chicken wire I found years ago and an old picture frame. I need a display for jewelry and bag charms. Thanks for this!

  15. Nice!

  16. Great display piece, Gail! I love how you can take elements from so many different places and create something new.

  17. What an awesome transformation.
    I love it! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  18. it looks SO great!

  19. Another great “repurpose”…love it! Perfect for your sign display!

  20. Love this idea! So cute! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  21. Well now isn’t that smart looking. I was thinking the color was perfect for my back door!
    Now…it’s coming back to me, your trip, this screen door, the whole thing! I’m scatter-brained lately!
    Anyway, maybe you should try some small curtain rings with the bull dog clips on them…

  22. love this! i love the door color, too!

  23. Excellent idea!!! I don’t do any shows but that is a great idea for those that do! Great job again!

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