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make your own notepad



scrabble plus office suppliesA couple of months ago I picked up these items from a thrift store. I had no idea what I would do with the fax paper, but couldn’t pass up such a great deal.

Suddenly it occurred to me that there must be a better way to make my endless lists on the ever elusive notepads I have laying around the kitchen,

how-to-notepadI had a small curtain rod in my stash.  I cut the rod down to size and mounted the hardware on the inside of my cabinet door.  THEN—I got distracted with other projects when I couldn’t find the perfect metal plate to span the length of the door.

A month later, I revisited the situation. . . .

thin-plywood-chalkboard-paintI decided to use some scrap pieces of thin plywood.  There is no rhyme or reason to their width, other than that’s the size they were in the scrap pile.  I cut them to length on the compound miter saw, then applied a couple of quick coats of chalkboard paint. HINT: I keep a sponge applicator loaded with chalkboard paint in a plastic baggie. For this project, I didn’t even have to break out the can of paint. The loaded sponge brush was plenty.


pre-start-bradsAfter the chalkboard paint dried, I started some small brad nails on the ends of the thin plywood so I could install them on the inside of the cabinet door.


notepad-memoI added the wider piece at the top, and the narrow piece at the bottom.   You can see I also installed a stick-on pen on a chain.



diy rolled memo notepadThis is going to be the perfect solution for me.  It seems I’m always making lists, but can rarely find my notepad(s).    The paper easily pulls through and tears off under the bottom piece.  To change out the roll, I simply remove one of the plastic ends and replace with a new roll of paper.


Do you make endless lists?  Is your notepad always handy?





  1. Doris Henson says:

    So clever….doesn’t surprise me coming from you though. You are my HERO!!! :)

  2. Looks great Gail!!

  3. Great idea! I make lists, usually while I’m at work. :)

  4. What a great idea…love this!

  5. Wow…I love that idea. Great job! Maybe that way I could keep up with who I am and what I need to be doing!

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    What cute and practical idea! As you might guess, I am a huge list maker!

  7. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is an awesome idea Gail! So Cleaver, and yes, I am always making lists! Pinned!

  9. Boy oh boy am I a list maker. Right here on the bed with me now I probably have five different papers, each with lists. I tend to grab whatever paper is nearest me at the time I need to write something down. Eventually I combine my lists. I feel so accomplished when I can recycle a paper with a list because that means I completed everything on it. I’m SUCH a list maker that I will sometimes write a to-do down on a list after it’s already accomplished, just so I can mark it off. It’s a sickness.

  10. FAX paper! No kidding?
    I love this idea. Hmmm…this is something I could definitely use a copy of…

  11. Granted I’ve since learned to put my list in my I phone, but by having this in the kitchen it’s a great way for all members of the household to note items they’ve used the last of. Now I can transfer the list to my phone prior to running errands. Perfect fix … thanks for sharing Gail!

  12. you can even make a smaller version with a mini rolling pin and a roll of adding machine tape!! Great idea!!! Thank you!

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