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My DIY Birdbath inspired Woman’s Day to make their own version.  This article appeared in the August 2013 issue.  I blogged about it MRL Featured In Woman’s Day.


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Google Hangout with MyFixitUpLife hosts Mark and Theresa Google+

Gail Wilson from My Repurposed Life joins MyFixitUpLife for this Google+ Hangout. Are Roadside discards trash or treasure?

So when you see discarded furniture and somewhat useful items on the side-of-the-road, how do you know if they’re worth repurposing?

We’re asking Gail Wilson, upcycling expert and host of My Repurposed Life how she decides.

Gail is a DIY maven! She loves to renovate and improve her home. When she’s not doing things around the house and yard, she’s busy in the shop building, and repurposing old unwanted furniture. With more than 380,000+ likes on Facebook, Gail has a strong community of other creative upcyclers sharing their tips and projects every day.




Gail found this dresser by the side of the road, obviously already the victim of a failed DIY effort. The top had been removed and two drawers were missing (though the drawer fronts remained). Despite its sad condition, Gail brought it home, certain she could make something great from this curbside find.

Gail removed the interior supports for the upper two drawers, and used the drawer fronts to form the back of the bench. She added trim and moulding, and used plywood to create the base for an upholstered seat. This once abandoned dresser now has a new lease on life as a bench at the end of an elderly couple’s bed.

Projects like this that save a solid piece of furniture from a landfill are a great reminder to look over any piece for the creative possibilities before giving up on it. For more pictures of Gail’s dresser makeover, check out My Repurposed Life: Old Dresser into Bench.

We’ve seen a lot of doors turned into headboards around here, but not doors turned into entire beds! Gail shows us every detail in its construction over at My Repurposed Life. Quite the transformation, no??





Gail blew me away with this one – she took an old desk she had in the basement for years and turned it into a beautiful chest of drawers…Can you even believe that? I love how her brain comes up with stuff like this. :)



You may remember the desk that Gail from My Repurposed Life revamped into a tall chest of drawers. After the amazing transformation, the middle drawer still remained. Doesn’t it look so sad, as if it’s crying out for a new life too? (Okay, maybe I just have an overactive imagination…)…You know Gail wouldn’t let it go to waste anyway! She answered its pleas to be repurposed by turning it into a versatile chalk/memo board. I love how she moved the little pencil and pen tray so it would still be functional while hanging on the wall. The top of the desk is still left. I can’t wait to see what Gail does with it!

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From Homestead Survival:

My Repurposed Life website is one of the most creative upcycling resource I have had the pleasure of following for years now.

Gail has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to look at thrift store & yard sale furniture with a whole new perspective.

What was old worn out furniture headed for a landfill now finds new life as upscaled cherished piece of useful furniture in your home.

I would have never thought of this idea on my own that an old dresser could be remodeled into a tall dresser that could be wonderful in the bedroom, a craft room or even an office.

Am I the only one that will be looking for an old dresser now, LOL.


  1. I’ve been following your site for a while. As a newly single mom of two I am trying to do projects around home until they are out of the house. I have found your site so inspiring. I love the whole idea and am pretty handy and lucky enough to have my own garage and my dad’s garage full of tools. Today I hit the curbs, sales and thrift shops. I now have a little pile of projects to try my hand at. I even met a lady at an estate sale that told me she had a whole garage full of furniture to be “recycled” and that I should come and take a look, she even said she would just give some of it to me…So, sounds like I am off on a new adventure. Thank you so for sharing your knowledge, tips and inspiration. I am excited to get started…I have a few jobs to get done first, then it’s off to the workshop!

  2. Just found your fb page and i love it… You are one talented woman… thanx

  3. I am just curios what kind of paint you use? I am sure if I keep looking I will come acrossed it which I am going to continue to look in amazement of the transformations but i tried painting a desk and it felt sticky

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:

      I use any latex paint I have (wall paint)

      If I need to buy a color, I buy Behr Premium Plus Paint at Home Depot in a semi-gloss or satin finish

      Sticky–could me any number of factors, mainly being humidity.

      It does take about 3 weeks for a piece of furniture to fully cure before you can set your knick knacks on it.

      You could try to seal the piece that is sticky with some wipe-on poly from Minwax.

      I now use a paint sprayer from HomeRight… it gives a fabulous finish, and if you’re painting for resale, or painting a lot of pieces, it pays for itself easily. :)

      this is my amazon affiliate link:

      Finish Max

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