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Bifold doors — room divider

So many people put these doors out to the curb. When I go curb shopping…I always find them. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any at the Peddler’s Mall, or any thrift stores. You can simply change out the hinges, and they become a great room divider. They can also be used to hide unsightly things such as a water heater or furnace room. Being a cat lover, it would even work to hide the litter box!

bifold doors repurposed as a room divider You can use 3
repurposed bi-fold doors You can use 4

repurposed bi-fold doors The possibilities are endless!

hide your furnace with repurposed doorsJust use your imagination!
Have you done this project? If I only had a couple of doors, I would use them for mail/memo organizer, this, simple shutter shelf, or magazine holder. But when I put these together, I had an abundance of doors, so I didn’t mind using so many doors for one project.

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  1. Great work dear, I like you idea of using these bi folding doors in many ways. I haven’t thought about using them as a separator or divider of room but as per your idea I will use it for my room now.

  2. Job well done! Bi fold doors usage at max here. These dividers are looking amazing. Simple and beautiful. Colors are good too.

  3. I really like your post you done great jobs. Thanks for sharing valuable information.
    bifold doors

  4. I love this project. I made one for the room we did for our Granddaughters and used some to make nesting boxes and doors for the chicken coop for my bantam chickens.

  5. All great ideas. I have 4 that are not slotted that me being a painter has had every intent on painting a something on them and making them a room divider for my bedroom. At this point they are stored in the shed and one day that is a project I will try to get to! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ve been “snooping” around yours for a while!

    I have a set of these bi-folds just waiting for their turn at a face-lift. Mine are a set of 2-panels with a teeny-tiny door knob.

    I saw another set, still in the box, at a yard sale last Friday for $5.00. Unpainted, fresh, raw wood, but they were a wee bit too long for my Jeep – even with the back seat removed : ) – which normally doesn’t stop me, but I wasn’t going straight home….


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