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Bookcase Headboard Repurposed

I would like to welcome my new friends who have hopped over from Kim’s place:


Kim wrote a very nice feature on me yesterday.  She called me the “wood whisperer”.  I like that, it has a nice ring to it.  Kim has a great blog, be sure you check her out. (AFTER you read this post!)
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On with today’s post:
bookcase headboard
I had this outdated bookcase headboard that I curbed in storage for over a year. I am trying to clear out some things, so I got it out to try to let it speak to me.  I walked around it, considered cutting it in half, but in the end took the easy way out.

how to cut a straight line with a jigsaw
I clamped a straight edge and started cutting with my jigsaw.

Here you have a sawed off headboard.  hahahah   Any thoughts yet?

I laid it on some saw horses and started painting it with primer. (after sanding some rough patches)

Purdy paint brush
I decided to bring out the “big guns”.  No paint brush works as well as this Purdy brush. It makes the paint glide on. It is NOT new, but I am following Purdy’s suggestion and storing it in it’s original packaging.


This has easily become my favorite brush!  I don’t usually use such a wide brush, but the coverage is super!



Like basting with melted butter.

spray painting hardware

The drawer hardware needed a fresh outfit.


Looking better.

bookcase headboard repurposed
voila!  I love that magical word when used correctly, it is so overused in it’s other form wallaaa.   Still don’t know what the “new” purpose is?

childs bookcase display shelf
Perfect for a child’s room!  Storage, display AND bookshelf. What more does your little one need?

repurposed headboard

child's display shelf

repurposed headboard

bookcase headboard  bookcase headboard repurposed
Cute, huh?  I listed it on Craig’s List and a lady emailed me asking if it could be used for a queen headboard.  My answer?  “Yes, it could have been until I cut the legs down”.   hahaha   Now had I just painted it and put it on there, I thought NO one would want it.  Oh well, I think it will sell.  It’s so fresh and clean and practical!
For a few minutes I considered cutting out the top of it and making it a bench with the storage on either side.  What would you have done with it?
EDITED TO ADD:  This piece found a new home with a very nice family. Two sisters will share this headboard for their platform bed.

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  1. Very clever! It looks so Good! I like how you sprayed the hardware!

  2. Great Job! What little child wouldn’t love this!

  3. I already told you what I would have done with it, but I love your idea. :) It would be so cute in a kids room…maybe with some little colored baskets on it too!
    Hey, you could have told the lady she could attach it to the wall to use as a headboard! I thought that was too funny! lol
    Have a great day! How’s that kitchen coming along? I’ve been thinking about you over there slaving away!
    Missy :)

  4. It’ll sell, no problem! It’s very nice, I love it as a bookshelf. I’d love it if you could link up to my link party going on now! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  5. Leah, When I curbed this piece I intended for it to be a top to a large dresser. It would have to be a HUGE desk. It is 58 inches wide.


    I used spray primer, and then just regular white spray paint. I suggest sanding/roughing your hardware up a little bit before you primer. I didn’t, and I got a little chip.

  6. Looks great, I will admit I imagined the legs cut off and the front board removed and used as a short hutch for a large desk.

  7. Beautiful.
    Did you use anything special for the hardware? or just regular paint?

  8. As always, great job!
    I was picturing a sofa table. But, that also involved removing the spindles. This is really cute!

  9. this is so darling.

  10. I know some child is just going to LOVE this for their very own-just the right height-book shelf! Great results. I would have kept it in my garage a while longer, wondering what I was going to do with it! :)

  11. It is so fresh looking. I think it will sell to.

  12. too funny about the woman wanting to use it as a headboard. Go figure!

  13. AMAZING what a coat of paint will do. It is absolutely perfect for a child’s room great job! I LOVE your blog. And I envy your clamping, cutting, sawing, sanding skills.

  14. Totally cute!

  15. Totally cute!

  16. Yes, that sure would come in handy in my little girl’s room! That paint job came out so well! I’m going to have to look for a Purdy brush now!

  17. What a great project. So creative, you blow my mind!

  18. love the clean and fresh look of it with the vibrant colors against it. very sweet!
    off to louisiana! :)

  19. love the clean and fresh look of it with the vibrant colors against it. very sweet!
    off to louisiana! :)

  20. Doesn’t it figure when you think it won’t work it does. I had to chuckle when the lady requested to use it as it’s actual purpose.

    That would be sweet in a child’s room.

    I honestly saw a bench in it’s future but I really like what you did too. Good job.

    Have a great day Gail.

    Hugs, Deb

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