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Green bench made out of a baby bed


baby bed benchPlease pardon the mess in the background. Cathy and I made this bench last year in her garage in the dead of winter. Although her garage looks like a total wreck, mine currently wins the prize of messiest garage!
how to make a bench out of a cribThis was one of our first benches. In the beginning it took us several days to build a bench, now it takes us just a few hours. The construction on this is pretty simple. If we were to build this bench today we would build the legs into the box, instead of placing them inside the box.

how to make a bench out of a cribWe used some planks of wood for the seat that we found at the curb. You can see where we used wood putty to fill the holes in the crib end and some dings on the seat.

crib into a benchThis is a side view. I don’t have a picture of the back, but we attached the back of the box all the way across the crib end.
upcycled crib into a green benchI was thinking this was an “oops” color, but actually this may have been some paint that Cathy had used in her house. If you look in the background (left) you can see another bench. :)

This was one of my favorite benches, I really liked the color.
benches, benches and more benches

I just threw this picture in for fun! How many benches can you find? Answer tomorrow! I’m building a couple of benches today! What are you working on?


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  1. wow, awesome blog article.Much thanks again. Really Great.
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  2. You are one talented lady! I just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog, and got to looking at some of your posts. I need to get better with my powertools so I can do a corner bench like you did. Seriously, you are so talented. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is such a cute bench!! It turned out wonderful!!

  4. I will soon have a crib to “recycle,” and this might be just the ticket! Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Evertime I visit I get inspired. You do wonderful work. Great job. I am totally jealous…I wish that I wasn’t so scared of power tools. 😀 Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.


  6. Thanks for stopping by…I have a load to paint this weekend… I hate when my real job cuts into my creative time…

    I envy you making those benches… that is on my next thing to learn how to do list… after I finish all the things I already learned how to do… the list is long it may take awhile…

    Great job on those… can’t wait to see the new ones you are working on…

    Have a great day… hugs… Deb

  7. Great job on those benches! They turned out wonderful!

  8. That doesn’t look like an oops color at all, I love it!
    I’m working on my booth as usual, but I’m getting ready to dive in to making mixed media art, particularly shadowboxes. Wish me luck!

  9. That doesn’t look like an oops color at all, I love it!
    I’m working on my booth as usual, but I’m getting ready to dive in to making mixed media art, particularly shadowboxes. Wish me luck!

  10. Another great job, esp. for the first one. Me…working on my regular day job work! Nothing fun and crafty.

  11. love the benches. have always wanted to try one myself…maybe that can be hubby’s new project. happy wednesday *elaine*

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