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Coffee Can Crafts


Folger's Coffee LabelsI saw a couple of these on Pinterest, and when I googled and kept looking I found more than what was on Pinterest.  They are apparently stored on the Folger’s site from years past.  I did all the legwork for you.  Check out the options …

Each picture is clickable, and will take you to the PDF file for printing on a large Folger’s Coffee Can label. They have the smaller labels available too.
Folger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative LabelsFolger's Coffee Can Decorative Labels

Design your own template (think photos of your kids, etc)
This link will take you to the page pictured above the link.
The newer holiday designs link will take you the this year’s current Christmas Labels.  They are included in the links/pictures above.

While googling, I found a blog that has collected some more generalized labels:
Folger's Coffee Can Decorative Labels

Robin @ Heart Of Wisdom

IMG_6131I printed my labels on full sized label paper and used my paper cutter to trim them.


IMG_6132I cut a corner off of the slick backing paper.


IMG_6133Cutting a corner allowed me to line up the label, then slowly remove the backing paper.



I love these!  I bake a lot during the holidays for friends, family and neighbors.  The hardest part for me? Finding the canisters because I don’t drink coffee!  :)

I washed my canisters, let them sit overnight with water and a little dish soap, then I poured a little pure vanilla in the canister the next day.  So now at least they don’t smell like coffee or a cleaning agent.


Think of the possibilities.  If you’re a big coffee drinker, you may have already been saving your Folger’s Coffee Cans because you KNEW there was something to do with them.  You could wrap presents, bake sweets for neighbors, or just fill it with candy on your counter.

With the designs on Robin’s blog you can store toys, crayons, beans etc.

I believe this is the full collection, if you’ve seen other labels, let me know and I will edit this post so they are all in one place.


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  1. girlfromwva says:

    would love to have some of the cans to make a few of these; will have to look for them!

  2. Oscar Orum says:

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to remove the Folger’s labels to no avail.
    Can they be removed??? Oscar

  3. lori Urey says:

    I find coffee cans and these canisters at my local recycling center. If you don’t want to keep yours take them there there are people that can use them. I use the big ones for yarn. When I am crocheting I put my ball of yarn inside and have a hole for the yarn to come out at the top. Doing it like this my ball of yarn doesn’t roll all over the place while I am crocheting. I decorated one for a friend and wish I had seen this site because I could have used some of the pictures! Instead I painted over the coffee labels and stenciled stuff on and used stickers and put a big glitter purple bow on top. She uses it for all of her projects! Oatmeal containers would also work.

  4. I keep all my emptys in the garage because they were just too good to throw away. Any ideas on how to get the coffee smell out?

  5. Any ideas on how to print labels for the smaller (11oz) canisters?

  6. I love this!!! Are there any labels like these for the small regular sized Folgers coffee containers?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What kind of labels did you use? Mine keep peeling away from the canister.

  8. That’s an awesome idea and perfect for giving coolies at the holidays! Too bad there are no coffee drinkers around here!

  9. I am pinning this! We don’t drink coffee either, but my husband and I are runners and we have lots of powerbar drink canisters that I have been saving….These would work great on them! Thanks for doing all the hard work!

  10. Very cute!

  11. Ahhh…I just tossed a large bag full of these canisters away that my mom brought me. I decided I didn’t have a use for them and they were taking up too much space. Go figure! Thanks for sharing.

  12. This is great! I am one of those who has saved up a bunch of this canisters. I use some, on which I have simply written the contents with a marker. But this is sooo much better. I have tried and tried to think of a way to “pretty them up”, and these labels are perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a cool idea! I made a kitchen composter out of a Folgers coffee can — Had a hard time getting one because I don’t drink coffee either.

  14. Love these! Thanks for putting them all together in one place!


  15. Super cute…I saw a Pinterest project that actually called for the old style coffee “cans”, you sure don’t see those anymore! My coffee beans come in a bag…got a project for those?! Lol!

  16. How nice,they look great.We don’t have that coffee here,but could adapt to other tins. :)

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