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Repurposed Crib into Plate Rack

Today I’m going to show you how I turned a repurposed crib into a plate rack. I took apart some cribs and parted them out. After I took them apart I had a couple of the end pieces I swapped out. I turned them this way, and that way, almost standing on my head. I asked people who stopped by… “what does this look like” while holding up the pieces. No one was any help. Then one day it finally came to me what this crib part wanted to be!  Here’s the story:

My Repurposed Life
I had some crib ends. I used the legs of these crib ends to make a sweet little table.   Notice how the top is a spindle and the bottom is a decorative piece of wood.

My Repurposed LifeI swapped them out, making two identical pieces.

My Repurposed Life
This is the piece I am using for this project.
My Repurposed Life
I used a jigsaw to remove some of the spindles. I could have cut them in the middle or pulled them out, but I wanted the end pieces to stay put, so I wouldn’t have to fill the holes left behind.
My Repurposed Life
I proceeded to build a box to fit the crib end.
My Repurposed Life
My Repurposed Life
I attached the box to the crib end using wood glue and my nail gun.
My Repurposed Life
The lumber I used for the box and shelves was “cull bin” lumber. (Home Depot)  The cull bin is  sort of like  OOPS in the paint department. It is leftover lumber that people didn’t want. They are sold by colors. These were all painted green on the ends.  Green is only paid .51 cents for each board. For this project I used 7 boards for a total of about $3.50.
My Repurposed Life
I really had no “plan” in place. I sort of just made it up as I went along. After attaching the box, I decided it needed some trim.  I added the last board on the top, with it overlapping in the front.
My Repurposed Life
You can see it a little better in this picture.
My Repurposed Life
I added some scrap crown molding to the top and the bottom to trim it out.
My Repurposed Life
Because I’m a “use what you have” kind of girl, I had to piece the crown molding. Do you see that it doesn’t quite match up on this corner?  Not one of my best miter cuts, but not to worry. Because I mess up frequently, I know just how to fix such problems.
My Repurposed Life
I simply sanded it down to smooth it out.  Voila! Look at all of those nail holes. They are NOT all mine!  Seriously! Look to the right and you will see that I had to use two pieces on the bottom, because I didn’t have a piece long enough.
My Repurposed Life
My Repurposed Life
If you look closely, you’ll see a nail sticking out. I fondly refer to this as a “blowout”.
My Repurposed Life
I used some scrap shoe molding to the front of the shelves to make a little lip. This will help keep plates from falling off.
My Repurposed Life
Here she is all painted up, ready to be adorned with beautiful plates, cups and saucers.
My Repurposed Life
My Repurposed Life
This is the corner that was not mitered perfectly and the place where I had to have two pieces of trim butt up against each other.
My Repurposed Life
My Repurposed Life
I chose not to put a back on this pate rack. Okay, the truth is I’m short on supplies! I didn’t have a piece of plywood or bead board large enough to fit the back.
My Repurposed Life
But I like the wall color showing through.
My Repurposed Life
These plates are nothing special, just some random plates I had that I used to stage this plate rack.
My Repurposed Life
I set it on top of my window display cabinet to take pictures.
My Repurposed Life Plate Rack 2
However, I think this plate rack would look great hanging on the wall or sitting on another piece.

I love using repurposed crib (s) for projects!

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  1. That is so cute.I found you through google images. I’m a new follower.
    I love what you did!

  2. Hello Gail! I just had to link this to my plate racks post today – you rock girl!

  3. Wow you are so imaginative! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. You are my idol!!

  5. Love how you repurposed something. Hubby and I are working on making a plate rack from a vintage change table.

  6. Pretty amazing – I love the plates you have, also.

  7. Oh so Clever!

  8. Amazing! I am so doing that! I have been needing a plate rack! I have some old baby bed parts in storage that have been waiting to be used! Thank you!

    Lee Laurie

  9. I love how this turned out. I just posted something last week about plate racks, because I am dying to make one myself. Don’t tempt me to take apart my sons crib! :-) lol!

  10. Hey Gail…you sure are amazing with your repurposing and your ability with the tools. I am impressed!! What’s this featured Friday blog you mentioned in your comment? If you want to feature Love2Junk, that’s fine with me…my posting is awful few & far between, but if you can deal with that, so can I. Thanks Gail…*elaine*

  11. I’ve finally decided that you can make anything. So can I put in my order for a four pin rolling pin rack? LOL

    I love that plate rack. I’d have never known it was made from a crib. I swear you’re amazing at repurposing items.

  12. Very interesting idea… I’m sending this to my daughter.. her 3rd boy is graduating to a ‘big boy bed’ soon and I thought she might use the bars, standing on end, as book racks for her homeschool class room… somehow she can use your idea for this??

  13. Wow, that turned out beautiful!! And I love that you can see the wall color through the back — makes the plates pop!

  14. I’m in awe. Gail, you are so talented. Really such creativity is amazing. Beautiful pieces!

  15. Love the plate rack!! Nice job. And of course the fireplace is just fantastic. Thanks for stopping by the blog and wanting to have me as one of your feature followers. Awesome…..

  16. Love that plate rack! You are so talented, I would never have dreamed of doing that! Wonderful job!

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