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small outdoor garden bench from reclaimed fence



picket-fence-burn-pileDo you remember this fence I rescued from a burn pile earlier in the year?



reclaimed-picket-fenceOver the weekend I dismantled two sections of it to make something easy.


MyLove2Create pallet benchMany people, including my friend Mindi are making things out of pallets.  I don’t really like taking pallets apart, but after seeing this project, I decided I should make a bench out of my fence.



screws-and-gorilla-wood-glueWhenever I build simple projects like these, I use regular screws instead of my pocket hole screws.  For this bench I used 3” screws and Gorilla Wood Glue.



build-fence-benchI used the 2×4’s from the fence as supports and legs.



picket-fence-benchI secured all the pieces with the screws and glue.


Rustic Garden Bench

small-bench-reclaimed-fenceVoila!  cute small bench.  I had to make it small because of the lengths of weathered 2×4’s



small-garden-bench-reclaimed-fenceI used some smaller weathered lumber from another fence to support the bottom shelf boards.



small-bench-garden-reclaimed-fenceI suppose since I’m marketing this as a small outdoor garden bench I’m calling it done.  I won’t be sanding or sealing it.


reclaimed-2x4-bench-tableA few years ago I made these simple 2×4 benches and small table out of jamie’s old deck boards.  They are still one of my very favorite projects because I love the color of the weathered wood.  Of course it didn’t look so good when it was a falling down deck.


Have you made something out of reclaimed wood?  Do you prefer fence?  Pallets? something else?


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  1. Inspiring

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    That is an awesome bench Gail! I love the rustic feel! What a great use of that fencing!

  3. Christine says:

    Love this bench!
    I took my fence apart and am using it for my back porch ceiling. Love the look!
    I don’t find pallets difficult and love their texture and colors. It’s just another method to make something very cool and unique for my home!
    Now, through you, I have my next project!

  4. Leslie Gill says:

    I just love this little bench. I have some fence pieces that will be perfect
    to use for the top and I just need to go get some 2×4’s. I think I found
    a project for my day off tomorrow!! Thanks :)

  5. It really is hard to find any wood be it pallets, or old furniture to upcycle around my area of the city.
    Stores usually send the pallets back to whatever company to re-use, and the ones they are actually tossing away are 9 times out of ten too ravaged to save anything from them.
    But I do confess, whenever I’m out and about and I am lucky enough to see some very nice pallets stacked behind a store – my heart just flutters.
    Cut in half just the right way, add some 2×4’s for legs and you’re on your way to a very nice potting bench.
    Using some of your ideas Gail, with the headboards – I’ve used good pallet boards that sanded up nice and smooth to make a few benches.
    I love working with heat treated, clean pallets.
    But as I said…finding them is as rare as a white crow!

  6. It is so perfect! I love it, and it would look so good in a garden! Thanks for sharing a picture of my bench too! Totally made my day! Funny, I just posted a project made out of old deck wood…I love the benches you made from Jamie’s old deck! I remember them as one of the projects right when I started following your blog, I was so taken with how cute they were and the colored weathered wood!

  7. Lorah Marquardt says:

    Very cute! I have the same old fence. Guess I know what I’ll be making with part of it!

  8. girlfromwva says:

    I love that small outdoor garden bench! Great job!

  9. Oh I’m so glad you re-pictured the one’s from Jamie’s deck, I always loved those too!
    I really love this new one having the bottom self—this gives me some ideas for my niece and nephews’ deck benches….
    —Hey! What did you do with the decorative picket tops–??

  10. LOVE that new bench!!!

  11. A cute little bench. Love the ones you made for Jamie. I made one for my mom for Mother’s Day a few years ago. I’m not into making things out of pallet wood either even though I have about 50 of them in my barn.

  12. I love it Gail! This bench is gorgeous and the fabric is beautiful on the rustic wood!

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