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Spray Paint updates vintage desk

This post first appeared on Today’s Creative Blog.

I’m not always cutting up furniture, sometimes I “just add paint and hardware”.



mid-century-modern-deskA few months ago I picked up this desk for a steal—only $7!

hardwareSomeone had replaced the original hardware with some kind of kitchen cupboard hardware.


patch-hardware-holesThat left me with some extra holes to fill.  I used some wood putty to fill the holes.


hardware-holes-patchedI sanded it back.


tape-off-drawers-Scotch-BlueI used some Scotch Blue painter’s tape around the edges.


Krylon-white-gloss-spray-paintI wanted a glossy white, and I had this Krylon Rust Protector Gloss Enamel.  It works on wood too!

I sprayed many light coats—following the instructions on the can for dry times and re-coat times.   I removed the tape before the final coat was dry.  If I waited, it may not remove cleanly.



two-toned-deskHere’s her new look!  You can see I taped off the middle of the side drawers to give the desk the look of having a total of five drawers.  I think that little extra bit ads a lot to her look.


silver-knobsI added some simple silver knobs in place of that kitchen cupboard hardware that she was sporting.


wood-white-vintage-deskIt’s so amazing how easy spray paint updates a tired, old piece of furniture.


vintage-desk-stain-whiteThe old gal still has a few blemishes, but I think that gives her character.  Smile


mid-century-modern-desk-chairI found this chair at a local thrift store that is closing, and got it for 50% off, a mere $6.


desk-chairI love quick and easy makeovers–but cutting stuff apart and repurposing it is still my favorite project!



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  1. love these mod pieces… that chair compliments the desk to a “T”
    very stylish!

  2. I love what you did with this piece! And, for the record, I’m always impressed with all the “cutting up” of furniture you’ve got going on. 😉

  3. Great job. I like how you painted the drawers. The chair is a good match.

  4. Oh wow now that really looks nice! The chair matches it perfectly. And the cost for the whole thing is pretty amazing too.

  5. I wish you would have cut it up, I was interested in seeing what you would have done with it!

  6. I don’t get what you mean by the five drawer comment. Also, how did you refinish the top, to darker wood, is that contact paper or stain? Our local store has Rustoleum spray paint 20 percent off so I’m excited it probably works for this stuff, too.

    • This desk only has 3 drawers, but it looks like it has 5. The left and right drawers are deep, but I wanted to keep the illusion of it having 5 drawers. :)

      I didn’t do anything to the top except clean it. It’s laminate of some sort, so stain was not an option.


  7. girlfromwva says:

    she is a beauty. love the way you worked with her charm!

  8. $7?! That is a steal! I love how you just painted the fronts of the drawers Gail! It looks awesome! Pinned!

  9. Love the mid century feel of this piece…beautiful job as always!

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