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Twin Headboard Bench Storage Shelf

It’s so cold and snowy here!  I hope that you’re warm and safe wherever you are. I know some in the south are about to experience some rough weather. Be safe!

So, because it’s cold and snowy, I have been working in the basement shop.  I haven’t worked down there much and it’s a mess. I need to take a whole day just to organize and clean up.

Today, I have a great little bench tutorial.


bunk bedI picked up two of these beds last fall really cheap.  They are quite small, because they are bunk beds.


twin-benchI took one set of the beds to the basement and got started.  The first thing I did was design something different than I normally do.  Typically, I use the foot board for the arms of my benches.  I wanted to do something different this time. I used the foot board for the front legs and front skirt of my bench.  I cut the posts just above the lower portion of the footboard.  The quick clamps are in place to rest the seat board to figure out placement of the side braces.


dremel-multi-maxAfter getting started I realized that I needed to remove the little bunk bed “pegs”. To do that, I used my Dremel Multi-Max .  I love the way it flush cuts.


sanded-smoothAfter cutting the pegs, I gave it a good sanding.


side-skirtingI used 1×4’s for the side braces—drilling pocket holes on each end.


kreg-pocket-holesHere you can see the close-up of how I did the pocket holes with my Kreg Jig® K4


tight-fit-kreg-pocket-holesThis is the bottom shelf of the bench.  I had to use a ratcheting screw driver for all of the pocket hole screws because the fit was too tight to get my drill in there.  Not good on the shoulder.  I must find a better way!


twin-bed-bench-bottom-shelfI notched out the bottom shelf to fit in between the legs.  I used Gorilla Wood Glue and my nail gun to secure the seat. I used a 1×10 for the seat and shelf.


painted-diy-chalk-paintI did a couple of quick coats of DIY Chalk Paint as a primer all over it, then I gave it two coats of Naval (Behr Premium Plus) the same as I used on the Twin Bed Makeover.


naval-blue-benchIt’s such a deep navy blue, it almost looks black against the snow.  Smile  Yep, I hauled it up the basement stairs out to the snow to take these pictures.  I have never added a bottom shelf before—I’m actually loving it!

It’s just so darn pretty!  Not at all like the benches I’ve made before.  It’s petite, and would make a great addition to an entry way, or even at the end of a bed.


how-to-twin-bench-with-storage-shelfThe color is scrumptious!  Can you see what the pillow says?  “Happy Spring”  Wishful thinking on my part!


Do you like this bench better than my regulars?



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  1. Mary Wrolstad says:

    why did you make pocket holes? How were they used?

  2. love this so much better !! It is so much cleaner not as fussy.

  3. Ha! Thank you for giving me the name of the drill thingy that lets you make those holes: a pocket hole jig! I have a full-sized headboard/footboard which is kinda plain, and I want to do just this, with a big saying on the back of it, and burlap-covered cushion and pillows, to put on my porch! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

  4. Leann Doyle says:

    I think a pretty quote across the back would be super cute! :-) I love this simple sleek bench!

  5. Oh now that is a keeper! The shelf serves so many purposes and adding baskets gives it texture. I love Naval Blue, love it. Nice change from the black :) You out shined yourself on this one Gail. I love it against the snow. But your crazy to do that!

  6. Ohhhh…I LOVE it!!!

  7. It is perfect!! I love the shelf on the bottom! I think you scored on this one, but I love all your headboard benches! I still have a stash in my garage waiting for a transformation, I totally want to do another one now. I also like how small it is, not too deep! Great job Gail! And take it easy with that shoulder! I have had to drill my pocket holes on the outside in those tight spaces, but that stinks cause then I have to fill them, but it is much easier to build!

  8. Love this! I need something like this for my entryway – I’m tired of sitting on the stairs to put on my boots!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Wow…what timing…just bought a hbfb at the local thrift store for $10 with the intent of making my first bench! Hopefully I can get to it soon! I will share the final pic! Thanks!

  10. This one’s my new favorite of all your benches. I just love the shelf, proportions, and color. I can’t believe you lugged it up your stairs by yourself! Next project: freight elevator. lol!

  11. Beautiful. Can’t choose a favourite, they are all wonderful creations.

  12. I love it!! Thank you for including that note about the Kreg Jr. I’ve been trying to figure out if it would work for me instead of the more expensive one and I think I got my answer!

  13. I’m diggin it! What a great idea for a mud room or front entry to keep all the ‘stuff’ we drag in and out!

  14. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Love the addition of the bottom shelf! And you are most definitely the queen of making benches from headboards!

  15. I like them all!!

  16. Love it! I have been saving a bed to make a bench like yours–haven’t done it yet but it’s waiting to be done. I love everything that you do!

  17. I don’t like it better, but I DO love it!

  18. that is awesome, gail! perfect for an entry or a playroom!

  19. I love the color of this newest bench Gail! Looking at the pictures of your other benches, I don’t see where you can say you make a “regular type”. Only that you’ve added a shelf this time. You always come up with a new configuration, your imagination is boundless!

  20. What a great bench. I have made a couple with the foot board going across the front instead of cutting it in half when I don’t have a matching set. I really like the shelf you added. That’s one I have done either. Love the petite size! Great job.

  21. This one is one of my favorites my friend…. it would go perfectly in my house. I love that it is black, the baskets are perfect, and it is not too large :) I will be right over to get it :) Perfect and Pinned!

  22. OMG Gail that is so cute!! Love the curved lines on the front piece above the shelf. It adds such a nice (and expensive looking!) touch. Kudos! Keep up the nice work! :) — Pauline

  23. Doris Henson says:

    I don’t like it any better…..but I LOVE it just as good. I LOVE everything you make! :)

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