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Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree banner


Hi! I am Kelly from My Soulful Home. Glad to meet you! I am so excited to be guest posting here at “My Repurposed Life”.


Repurposing comes naturally to me. When I was little shoe boxes became the Barbie dream house. In college last year’s text books became my bedside table. As a homeowner & blogger, I have transformed many old things, useless things, things destined for the landfill into something new and useful. My biggest transformation thus far is my old indoor sectional couch re-purposed into a “new” couch for my patio. Click here for that transformation. Today let’s repurpose a tomato cage into a lovely Christmas tree. tomato cage People like Christmas in July. Me, I’m trying to ‘live in the moment’, but…tomato cages will not be available all over come December. So let me plant the seed of this project in your mind now. You can buy a cage & save it or get swept up in the fun and make a tomato cage Christmas tree right away! tomato cage Christmas Tree The really fun part about this tomato cage Christmas tree re-purpose is that once you have the basic idea you can create an infinite number of trees using different decorations. For this one, I decided on a palette of pink & gold as I had these fabulous vintage pinecone ornaments on hand.

ornaments-decorations for tomato cage treeThis is what you will need to re-purpose a tomato cage into a Christmas tree:


  1. One tomato cage;
  2. Twine or durable string;
  3. Glue;
  4. Needle & thread ( optional );
  5. Ribbon ( wired is best );
  6. Decorations ( including something special for the top ).

That’s all you need! Oh, and your imagination, of course…

pink pine cone ornament

Let’s get started! Steps:

  • Tie together the prongs of the tomato cage with twine/strong string;

tie the cage top

  • Reinforce the top knots with glue (if you are a girl who likes packin’ heat, a hot glue gun is great. If not regular craft glue works fine);
  • Tie your ribbon around the prongs ~ secure with glue and/or a stitch or two;

glue the garland

  • work the ribbon around the cage as you like it, just as you might garland on a real tree;

wrap the ribbon around the tomato cage


    • Depending on your ribbon & how you want it to lay on the tree, you may need to sew a few stitches here & there;

stitch the ribbon in place

  • Play with the ribbon until you get it the way you want it, stitch if necessary and/or glue in place;


tomato cage Christmas Tree


  • Dab a bit of glue over the stitches to secure the ribbon;

tomato cage tree top


  • Wrap ribbon around the top prongs to cover & secure with stitches and/or glue;
  • Top the tree with a decoration that will sit securely on top of the prongs (Covered styrofoam balls are great. I used a nest purchased at Michael’s );

top of the tomato cage tree


  • Decorate the rest of your tree;

pink ball ornament tomato cage tree


gold glitter ornament

gold ball ornament

  • Stand back & admire your tomato cage Christmas tree!

decorated tomato cage

Hope you enjoyed re-purposing a humble wire cage into a sparkly Christmas tree. Thanks again to Gail for having me here to share this project with you. You are always welcome at My Soulful Home. Come over for a visit, follow My Soulful Home on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Hometalk.

Thanks so much,

** Kelly **


Thank you Kelly for sharing this great repurposed tomato cage Christmas tree. I love the color scheme you chose!  I’m such a procrastinator, I’d be scurrying around in November looking for a tomato cage at the hardware store. So, if YOU are wanting to make one of these, be sure to save a cage from your garden, and you’ll be ready come the holidays!


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  1. Cool idea

  2. girlfromwva says:

    love this and the color scheme! will have to be on the look out for one!!! even if i have to wait until next year to do it!

  3. love the tomato cage!!!

  4. Great job Kelly! The color scheme is perfect!

  5. Cute!
    What a neat idea…would be wonderful on a porch or steps… :)

  6. girlfromwva says:

    Will keep my eyes open for one next time i am out and about; really cute idea!

  7. Such a nice and easy project. Next time I go to fleamarket, I will look for a tomato-cage or something similar.
    Tanks and many regards

    • Hi Gitta, It is easy and you can keep it simple or make it as ornate as you like. Last year I put two on top of my urns by my front door at Christmas time. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Thanks Gail…I had so much fun guest posting at My Re-Purposed Life.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!