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Louvered door hall tree

Friends–I paint a lot of projects, but I still struggle with paint colors. Everything doesn’t always go right the first time, in fact that happens a lot to me. Can you relate?


repurposed louvered doorAfter I made Jan’s door/nightstand I was thinking I have the perfect pieces to make another.  I curbed this door a long time ago.  I’m not exactly sure where those louvered saloon doors came from.  I’m trying to deplete some of my stash junk. Are you like me, keeping things that you know you will use someday?

I was able to quickly attach the saloon doors to the louvered door . . .

Using pocket holes made with my Kreg Jig® R3  Great hold, and too easy!

You can see I also used the pocket holes (Kreg Jig Jr) for the shelves. In the “old days” I would have had to use cleats to support these shelves.  Have I ever mentioned that this jig is less than $40.00?

I did something highly unusual-I bought plywood for the shelves.  I searched high and low in my garage and could find nothing that would work for these shelves.

There were some dings and holes in the saloon doors left from their former life.  I used some Elmer’s Wood Filler to smooth out the holes. Honestly, drywall spackling is more plentiful in my garage, but the wood filler gives a much cleaner look once sanded.

louvered door hall treeI put this piece in my “paint booth” and used my paint sprayer on it.  (I get no compensation at all from Harbor Freight for recommending this sprayer, I just LOVE it that much) (edited to add, I now have a new favorite paint sprayer   that is even better)

I used my Dutch Boy Refresh (sweetened white) semi-gloss paint, that I used on my kitchen cabinets.

white door hall treeI really like the way this piece looks. I think it can be multi-purpose.  I’m considering putting a mirror on it to use as a hall tree. I can see this in an entry way, a kitchen as a family “command center” or even in a bathroom to hold linens and such.   So my question to you is this:  How do you think I should finish it off to sell it on Craig’s List.  I want to be able to move it quickly, so I will finish it off the way that most of you recommend.  I would even consider painting it a different color if you guys think it would sell better. Or possibly distress it.

I do have this little round hardware piece that fits perfectly over the door knob hole, or I could use a vintage door plate.



Updating this post with the following pictures:

door repurposed hall tree (2)

door repurposed hall tree (3)

door repurposed hall tree (4)

door repurposed hall tree

For now I’m finished with it.  Jamie may use it in her booth as is. If she doesn’t then I will list it on Craig’s List and “build to suit”.  Smile
How about another update to this post? Do you ever feel like you just make all the wrong decisions? This project wasn’t a fail by any means, but it’s proof that paint color can definitely make or break a project.
he white hall tree did not sell in my booth after over a year.   I used it to display my smalls so I wasn’t really concerned about it selling.  It was temporarily moved to another booth (store) and it didn’t sell there either.  When it was time to take it out of the temporary booth, I brought it home for a small makeover.
louvered door hall tree
black hall tree

After painting it black, I moved it back to the booth at Unique Creations, but about a month later the store closed. I brought it home and listed it on Craig’s List. I sold it within two days.  woohoo!   I thought it was a very versatile and functional piece.

Have you ever had second thoughts about a paint color, and totally redid it?

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  1. I like the idea of putting in a basket underneath. Why not one of the crates you recently made with left over slats? They may be a little heavier but a set of under mount drawer glides would work perfectly and would not be seen.

  2. girlfromwva says:

    that looks really nice! could be used in alot of different spaces in the house. (i really love your “stash” of hardware…)

  3. I’m seeing it without the shelves but with a sturdy seat with room underneath for muddy boots and the hooks raised higher with perhaps a mirror. It would make a nice piece to sit and remove muddy/snowy boots in a mudroom, porch or foyer area. Higher hooks would accommodate adult coats rather than only children’s jackets. Maybe put two together to make a bench for two to remove boots and coats. One could always add cubby holes on either side for the kids’ back packs and such. It’s a great piece. The white reminds me of Federalist/Jeffersonian/Bahamanian or widows walk or shutters over part of a lighthouse light. The black seems more Olde Salem Townish. Just my two cents on how it strikes me.

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:


      Thanks for your two cents. It seems that there are so many different ways to finish off a piece. When I’m building it for a future home, it’s difficult to see exactly how that family would use it. It sat for a long time waiting for the perfect home. 😉 Right after I painted it black, it was off to live with a busy family with children… probably with some muddy boots.


  4. This is such a great idea! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!


  5. I love it the way it is. If anything distress it but nothing else

  6. I like it white and think it will sell the fastest. Maybe distress the edges a bit but you don’t have to. They buyer could always do that. I have a louvered hall tree that I posted way back when I first started blogging. I have hooks and an old mirror hanging from a knob on mine. But yours has more storage :)

  7. Would put hooks at the top and cover that hole with something. Hard to tell what your options are enough to give a recommendation on what, but def. something to cover the hole even if it’s patching. I’d probably go with black as it easily fits into a lot of decor – maybe a semi gloss. Probably go with wrought iron for hooks or similar color.

    It’s interesting I found I read the post differently knowing that you wanted input. :)


  8. Love the hall tree idea. Love the vintage hardware. Love the idea of baskets along the bottom, vintage knobs/hooks etc for stuff and I love the mirror. I would LOVE to have this!!
    You are making me want to go ck out craig’s list! I never see anyth this fun there!! You need your own shop!!

  9. totally belongs in my hallway. I see some cool retro knobs to hang purses, hats etc. Cute baskets on the shelves to hide whatever accumulates at the entrance door…
    (Rolf loves the Kreg too, since he build me the counter top for the island with your instructions)

  10. Yes, distress. A white doorknob (paint one) Add a couple hooks. A mirror would be just the trick.

  11. I would add a door knob and leave it the way it is and let the buyer decide. I am one of those few that doesn’t like distressed. Trish

  12. Denise Beverly stole the words right out of my mouth!
    * hooks on the sides
    * cork board / dry erase board
    * small mirror
    And I LOVE the round hardware piece you showed in the picture!

    I also agree with Denise’s comment, “Colorwise… best to leave it neutral I think with an encouragement to the buyer that they could then coordinate it to their home if they wanted.”

    I think you should show it in a picture plain with nothing on it, and then perhaps write some cutsy phrase on the dry erase board, hang a scarf and / or a sweater on the hooks, and put a couple things on the shelves for your second picture.

    Now… wish I had some place to put it in MY home!

    Great job!
    I’m sure it will sell quickly.

  13. Great job! And I love your blog! Maybe a mirror on the top (robin’s egg blue?) with a row of hooks under it? Good luck!

  14. here are my thoughts… distress it a bit and i can see it being a sort of “dressing station” or entry piece, and they could be set up the same way…
    as an entry piece, the shelves work for shoes, and i would add hooks along the sides for keys, and a knob/hook at top to hang a simple frameless vintage mirror. this could also be a dressing station as one could hang jewelry on the hooks, use the mirror tp primp, and set toiletries on the shelves and just pull up a stool

  15. here are my thoughts… distress it a bit and i can see it being a sort of “dressing station” or entry piece, and they could be set up the same way…
    as an entry piece, the shelves work for shoes, and i would add hooks along the sides for keys, and a knob/hook at top to hang a simple frameless vintage mirror. this could also be a dressing station as one could hang jewelry on the hooks, use the mirror tp primp, and set toiletries on the shelves and just pull up a stool

  16. I like it white, and I think white will sell pretty fast. I think some mismatched vintage knobs for hanging things, and a vintage looking mirror hung on it with a wide ribbon would look really good. If you can find a mirror without a frame, but in an interesting shape, I think that would just be the cherry on top!

    It’s a great looking piece, Gail! Whatever you decide to do with it, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble at all selling it. :)

  17. Gail, it’s wonderful! I love the idea of distressing it and adding some vintage hardware and the door plate.

  18. I picture a couple of baskets on the lower shelves, a charging station and bowl for keys on the top shelf and a framed mirror/magnetboard/chalkboard on the top. I would leave the finish as is – someone can easily distress it, if that’s their look. Lovely piece.

  19. This is a great piece. I would add some hooks to hang coats or backpacks. Then in the middle of the big shutter add a mirror at top to check out your hair and maybe a bulletin board or chalk board below for reminders of things needed to do before they walk out the door. On the side of one of the small lovered pieces put in a box to hold mail and keys. Hey, maybe I’m adding too much but i’m thinking this would be a great command center for things you need before you leave for the day!!

  20. That looks fabulous. I think you should use that round hardware piece over the hole. I feel like a full sized vintage door plate wouldn’t fit with the size and style of the door. You are making me want a Kreg Jig Jr… and a paint sprayer for that matter.

  21. When I showed my husband this he was beyond impressed and inspired! Please stop by Sew Woodsy and link up this project!

  22. Yep, I think it definitely needs a mirror and a row of hooks across the top.. that way you could still use it as a hall tree or in the bathroom. It would also look cute with the backplate to cover the hole and maybe even an old door knob if you have one around. I LOVE this piece! I could even see baskets in the shelf openings to hide goodies in.
    LOVE it Gail!

  23. I love it! I think the piece wants to be distressed and definately add some old hardware to cover the hole. I think heavy distressing would look sooooo good on this but it might sell better with light distressing, I dont know so far I am too chicken to try and sell anything 😉 hey thanks for introducing me to the Kreg jig a few weeks back I think we are going to get married I love him so much! Lol

  24. Love it Gail! I wouldn’t distress it. But I would add the old hardware and a mirror. Great job as always!

  25. I would add some kind of hookish thing or 2 toward the top. A small mirror just big enough to take a quick peek would be nice, too. I love all your items…and have bad “tool envy”!

  26. Love this! I love the idea of a door knob in the hole but also had this thought….wonder if you could make (I’m not a builder) some sort of compartment across the back of that top shelf (high enough to hide the hole) for phones and make it a recharging station with the cords going through the hole.

  27. What a perfect piece for a kitchen to store cook books and hang some retro dish towels in the vents. I think one of those antique door knobs would be icing on the cake!
    If it were mine, I’d distress it a little on the corners , but it’s already perfect! You’re so good!

  28. I’d include the ideas in post on Craigslist and leave it to the buyers. While some people like distressed, others hate it. Why not leave it as is. If someone likes distressed they can do that themselves.

  29. I think it would look nice distressed some. The mirror is a good idea, and I think the hardware piece that fits exactly would be good. Like other readers, I think some vintage hooks would also look good, and make it useful.

  30. you’ve done it again! and listen to your instincts.. the hall tree idea is always a good one.. so the mirror/bulletin board idea works well. good luck selling it quickly, but don’t think you need the luck! :)

  31. The mirror is a must! I think something in an oval shape to break up the strong straight lines would be nice. Do you have any vintage-style framed mirror laying in your stash?! Paint the frame white too and hang it with a white, or natural fiber type ‘ribbon’ from a neat vintage piece as a hook.

    One more idea…..a see alot of stuff moving QUICKLY that has a number on it. Ya know, that 1, 2, 3 thingy in black? They come race out of people’s shops! Just my thoughts.

    The idea of a bookbag center just is not for me. I make my kids take their book bags to their rooms…. This piece is too nice for a junk spot!:)

  32. Great storage solution and I love that you built it. I love the idea of having a place to throw your purse, coat, etc.

  33. Yep – hooks and a mirror and lovely doorknob. This piece is amazing Gail. I have a feeling that if you did nothing else with it, it would still sell in a heartbeat because it is so unusual, crafty and practical for any home all wrapped up in one! Definitely the Crow’s Toes in my book!

  34. …and I love the idea about putting a mirror on it too! That would be great for an entry way!

  35. Are you kidding? This is fabulous! I love it, I love that you made it from found objects and I REALLY love that you are putting an old doorknob and hardware in the hole! This project is great!

  36. Hi
    I think either white or black and distressed. I see maybe using old hardware for the hooks. I like the shabby chic look

  37. Gail…I really, really like this one. You make me want to get up and start doing a lot of all this stuff only I have no room to do it and it would never turn out as nice as yours. Thanks for stopping by the blog…I have been so bad about not getting around to comment on others blogs lately. You know, spring time, things to do and I am preparing for a trip to San Diego for my son’s wedding. So excited and so much planning just to get me there! Thanks again for stopping by.

  38. I see this as a place for backpacks and school items to land, add coat hooks maybe on the side for sweaters or light jackets.

    Add a bulletin board &/or dry erase for a reminder center and things that need to be signed or remembered for class. Grocery lists, fast food coupons and appt. cards could be tacked up to grab as you run off for a busy day.

    A mirror for those last minute hair checks as everyone runs out the door. Briefcases, grocery totes nearly anything could be “housed” there. I feel it could be a very useful spot for a busy household.

    Colorwise… best to leave it neutral i think with an encouragement to the buyer that they could then coordinate it to their home if they wanted.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!