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Did you see yesterday’s Recent Finds post?  Let’s see if you guessed right?   how to repurpose a dresser into a benchI  bought this dresser ($20) and two pieces of the bead board paneling for $4 each.  I know, $20 is way over my $5 limit….more about that in a minute.    

dresser-bad-veneerThe dresser had some bad veneer issues.


repurposed-dresser-bench-storageI already knew that I wanted to repurpose another  dresser into a bench.  I did one years ago, and I’ve been wanting to do it again.

  cut a dresser in halfI got busy cutting it apart with my Jig Saw .   I should have used tape, that would have cut down on the splintering.   dresser cut in half to make a benchIf you look closely, you can see where I cut the dresser apart—into two pieces.   cut dresser repurposed See?   Now this repurposed dresser is good for  TWO projects, so $20 is now $10 per project.  Winking smile   cut-dresser-feetThe trim I have isn’t quite wide enough to cover the bad veneer, so I cut a little bit of the dresser’s feet off.     bottom-supportThe first support I decided to add was across the bottom (back).  I used a 1x for that.     add-crown-molding-trimI got this very wide piece of molding at one of the Peddler’s malls for $2.75—what a bargain! It was easy to find now that I have all my lumber pieces organized in my new work bench.     dresser-skeletonThis is the bare bones of a repurposed dresser—it’s going to need a lot of supports.   side-bracesI started by adding some braces on each side.   side-seat-supportsI used my Kreg Jig to make pocket holes to give a really nice fit.  That gave me something sturdy to attach the side seat supports.   using a kreg jig to make a bench seatFor the bench seat I used some 1x’s to get the right width.  I used my Kreg Jig to drill the pocket holes to make my seat nice and sturdy.   back-bottom-support-braceIn this picture you can see the bench seat rests on the side supports.     add-support-braces-hereIn this close-up you can see all the supports I added to make this repurposed dresser strong enough to hold people. I kept inserting the drawers to make sure I wasn’t interfering with their movement.     how to make a bench out of a dresserBecause the back of this dresser was cardboard, I needed to add some braces in order to attach my bead board.  I used 1x’s attached with more pocket hole screws.  See the middle stile?  There is that nice sturdy brace behind there to support the length of the seat.   diy dresser made into a benchI was very fortunate that I had enough scrap bead board pieces to complete this repurposed dresser into a bench.  I used my Ryobi BRAD NAILER to attach all the bead board pieces.   make a bench out of a dresserSee how there is enough “meat” on the sides and back to attach the top trim?   make a kids bench out of a repurposed dresserI used window casing to trim out the top, making it flush with the bead board so that it will be comfortable.   This is how it is put away at the moment.  I ran out of time, and the weather turned TOO cold to work outdoors.  This repurposed dresser is the perfect size for a bench for the kiddos, yet strong enough to hold me.   I was smiling ear to ear as I put the finishing touches on this little beaut!   I love how it all came together. repurposed-dresser-kids-storage-bench




repurposed dresserBonus: I still have this part of the dresser for project #2!

What do you think it wants to be?

What color do you think I should paint the bench and hardware?

Edited to add on 12.5.13

dresser-repurposed-bench.jpgI was able to get the bench painted before winter set in, but I haven’t updated the hardware yet.  Stay tuned for more updates as they are available. :)


white-kids-bench-repurposed-dresserI took the easy way out and painted the hardware white.


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  1. It’s looking great! I think the top of the dresser needs so legs with a shelf toward the bottom to become a table for an entry way or behind a couch. Plus you should have three drawers that you could turn into something too like a footstool with storage or shelves.

    I think the bench should be red.

    Great job Gail!

  2. Oh Gail! I love this! I would paint the bench several colors :-) and patterns :-)

    The second piece looks like a sofa table ?

  3. ALL of your transformations are amazing, but this one is over the top. I would never have the nerve to attempt this! It is going to look awesome when it’s completed…hope you decide on a paint color!

  4. It is crying out to be a sofa table. How cute is that bench. I get so excited to see your next post each day. You have such wonderful idea’s. Thank you for that!

  5. wow!! awesome! love the addition of the beadboard!

  6. I like how you pieced that all together with different scraps. I’m thinking it would look nice in distressed white, but I don’t think you do white too much?

  7. Maybe the top portion could become some sort of cubby mantle. it would be long but if there was a need for ot, like there is in my house lol, it would be perfect!

  8. Love the bench! It would look great painted teal or turquoise! Hardware black/rubbed bronze. The top of the dresser could be braced to a wall with lenghwise supports and used as a desk/homework station. Drawers will be perfect to keep pencils and papers in! Thanks for sharing another amazing repurposed creation!

  9. I think the top (depending on the height) needs some wheels to fit under a bed as storage.

  10. OMG this is amazing! I would never think to make a bench out of it!!!

  11. Love this idea. It looks great! Maybe for the top half… add legs and make a pretty hefty sofa table? Or a high-boy desk with storage? Under the bed storage?

  12. This is the highlight of my day!!!! I LOVE it Gail! These are my favorite kind of projects you do, you are so AMAZING!! It would be fun to do a distressed blue color for the bench, can’t wait to see it finished! And of course it is pinned!

  13. This is my favorite type of project. I have an old dresser that has so not inspired me. It a free to me and I have been thinking of passing it to free Craigs list. I am inspired to try out the dresser to bench! New things to try and learn for 2014. Definitely pinning this!

  14. I’m lovin this!!!! I’m thinkin that I have got to find me one :) I think you and I would have a blast hangin out and building stuff!!!!! I hope you and your family have a terrific Thanksgiving. I think the top could be awesome as a desk or even turn it into an island, or drop a small sink in it for a utility room…….sorry I get a little excited :)

  15. You are so creative!!!! I love this project. What color are you going to paint it? I have no clue what you are going to do with the top half, but I can’t wait to see it.

  16. boxwood green for the bench with black hardware and the top should be a sofa table using black pipe. Make the top red! Maybe I should suggest these things instead of ordering you around!
    Im a little bossy!

  17. looks fantastic by the way!

  18. Your skills and creativity are amazing. I want to just come watch you work and learn a thing or two. Great job!

  19. Awesome job! Love the new bench. Trending colors are grey and whites right now, but I think any color would be lovely on this bench. The top half can be a sofa table – It would be beautiful.

  20. girlfromwva says:

    I think the dresser top should be a sofa table, or entry way table! Love how you are getting 2 projects out of one!!! Can’t wait to see it all done!

  21. I am thinking Coffee Table! Short fat stubby legs. Change the hardward out, maybe pull out the middle drawer and add a basket. Strip paint it shabby chic like an off-white flaking paint?…. I would possibly sand the corners so they are rounder. For a different look than shabby chic, paint it black, use metal legs and polished nickel handles.

    OR keep the natural wood and burn it and do some chain beating to distress it… possibly used wood stirups for the feet. still keeping it a coffee table.

    LOVE your dresser bench!

  22. I love how you squeezed two projects into one dresser, I would of never of thought of ripping a dresser apart like that…and honestly I know I couldn’t lol But dang, that is smart! I would spray the whole thing white primer and then decide on the color. There are so many different pieces of woods going on, it is hard to decide. I like the idea of a sofa back table for the second piece! With some curvy legs :)

  23. Ok! I’m just getting over here to see this follow up post. Gail! You’ve out done yourself here. This looks fantastic. You have such vision. I like that you incorporated your bead board and the dresser into a project.
    I’ve no idea what color to paint it. I like white nowdays…
    As to the top piece with the drawers.
    Maybe a center island if you add spindle legs and a bottom shelf. Or…and entry table…or Gosh! the sky is the limit with you. If you could install it…and not sell out right as a piece of furniture, I’d say…a floating counter, with no legs. But that is something to do if you were keeping it or installing it like I said.
    I’m just waiting for you to finish, so I can BE AMAZED! ~Patricia

  24. I love your benches! I never would have thought to make a bench out of a dresser. I’m dying of curiosity to see what you do with the remaining piece. I wish I had a nice clean top like that to put on a cabinet I have.

  25. How do you do this? Seriously, you are amazing.

  26. What I love best about what you do is that you get it done! I have a garage full of things to makeover but I keep putting it off. (The snow’s here now so it’s too late).
    I was thinking a buffet table for the top with just front legs and then attached to the wall in back.

    Hmmmmm…color, color, for the bench…so many would look good. I guess it depends on where it’s going. I’m in love with bright colors so I think I’d mix a few whimsical ones for the bench. Trim in one color, bench in another. Throw pillows on it in another flattering color. I’d maybe even do a design on the sides of the bench like the diamond pattern that I can’t for the life of me think of the word for. Or maybe one large fleur de lis on each side??? I can’t wait to see the final product whatever you do! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE seeing what you do.

  27. this turned out great! good tutorial too.

  28. Ahhhh dressers! Always a fun project!
    Your remainder piece would make a great console in an entry–got any cool legs?

  29. You could make the top part a shelf.
    You may or may not want to cut it in half to do that…
    Love your ideas!!

  30. Rhonda Russell says:

    Your amazing! I would antique white the bench….and definitely make a coffee table from the top.

  31. What’s your painting advice…that’s the part I can’t ever get right?

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