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Stenciled Bench

Stenciled Bench


Today, I have another bench.  Are ya’ll tired of benches yet?  I also have a great tute on stenciling near the bottom of this post.

repurposed headboard into bench
This bench was made out of a twin headboard and foot board. As always we (Cathy and I) cut the foot board in half to use as arms (sides) for the bench.  I used my Kreg Jig   to make pocket holes to join the pieces together. It’s such a tight fit, you don’t need to use wood glue.

twin headboard into bench
We used a 1×6 for the front brace.

how to build a headboard bench (2)
When using a level, make sure that you are working on a level surface. This is the ONLY level surface on my entire driveway.

twin headboard bench (3)I used my  paint sprayer to apply primer.

twin headboard bench I then used the paint sprayer to apply Dutch Boy Refresh in “sweetened white”.

I made my design in the Silhouette program. I “ungrouped” the word welcome, so I could make the “w” larger.  Then I centered the “elcome” with the “w”.   I cut it out of my polka dotted contact paper.

garden benchI peeled off the letters (leaving the oodles and boodles). I then applied the stencil onto the back of the bench.  You can see that long piece of wood to the right that I used as a spacer when I attached the planks for the seat.
Speaking of the seat, this was the most work we have ever put into a seat. It is hardwood flooring that we (cathy) sanded off the finish, and we  then stained with dark walnut.  It was a honey oak color and I thought it was too light to use with a white bench.

 Dual spray paint
I used plastic and Scotch Blue painters tape to protect the bench from overspray. I used a new product from Krylon, called Dual. It is primer and paint in one. It worked fabulously on this project!

Silhouette and Krylon  Dual spray paint
I started by spraying VERY light coats so that I didn’t have “bleed” happening under the stencil.

stenciling with spray paint

I continued with several more very light coats, letting each coat dry in between.

stenciling with silhouette and krylon
The last coat I applied a little heavier, but I laid the bench down, just to make sure there were no runs, drips, errors or bleeding. I had already removed the plastic when I remembered to take the picture.

Stenciling with Silhouette

stenciling with silhouette and krylon dual (3)

I removed all of the plastic and tape.  I had used small garbage bags to protect the posts of the headboard.

contact paper stencil

I removed the stencil. The oodles and boodles are still in place here.

Welcome sit relax enjoy
Voila!  Virtually NO bleeding under this stencil.  However, you can see I did have some overspray on the right.  I used the Dutch Boy Refresh paint to touch that spot up.

bench sit relax enjoy

Here is the bench at Unique Creations!  Did you notice it in my post about the store where my booth is?   When I went up there today, Kathy had it sitting out in  front of the store (outside) to display and draw in new customers!  It made me smile to see it sitting there.
It’s going to be very difficult for me to make solid headboard benches without painting some kind of words on there!  I love it!  Thank You Silhouette America for making my life easier!

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  1. Angela Rockwell says:

    I love the stenciled bench. This is a project I’d like to try!

  2. Jan Goecks says:

    This would look so awesome on my front porch

  3. Jennifer Veit says:

    This is my favorite project because its cute and creative.

  4. Hi Gail! I am making a headboard bench for a friend and I love the Welcome sign you did on the bench! Do you mind if I copy your idea? My mom always said copying is the highest form of flattery! You are awesome! Thanks! Mindi

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  6. Sensational!

  7. This is amazing! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!


  8. thanks for linking up. we are featuring your bench! Love the combo of white and dark wood!! So clever to use a headboard. I will be trying this out as soon as I find a good headboard!

  9. I like the mix of white with the wood tone. Very nice! And I know where you got that black spray paint. 😉

  10. Cathy,
    I used contact paper for the stencil.
    It just seems so wasteful to use good vinyl for painting and then throwing it away. :)

  11. I know virtually nothing about the Silhouette machine but your comment mentioned that you used contact paper? Is that correct? Your bench is just gorgeous!!

  12. I LOVE this bench. I absolutely LOVE the look of the dark with white. the stencil is a fabulous touch! I would LOVE for you to link this up at my link my party going on now.

  13. Love this Gail, it’s awesome! I featured you today :) http://homeandgarden.craftgossip.com/welcoming-stenciled-bench/

  14. Another great bench Gail! I WILL eventually make one. :) I’ve got a king size headboard sitting in my garage just begging to be transformed. I’m putting your bench in the PoPP Spotlight.

  15. This one turned out fantastic Gail! I love the stencil you used. I have plans to turn one of my boys twin beds into a bench as soon as I find a daybed to replace it.

    So glad you are okay from that storm. I meant to comment earlier but I had read it on my phone and couldn’t.

  16. First of all, I am sure I can speak for EVERYONE when I say we never get tired of seeing your adorable benches (or anything else for that matter)!! Second…Oh-Em-Gee!…this is freakin’ adorable. I don’t feel the “need” to make every cute item I see on all blogs, but I must say I am obsessed with your benches (Play Kitchen’s were another thing I became obsessed with, and I wasn’t happy till I made one).

    Now I have a question…since I don’t have one of those Kreg Jig Jr. thingy’s, is there any other way that I could attach the side pieces (footboard)?

  17. Wow!! This is amazing!!

    I saw a bench the other day where the sides were made from chair backs…but I couldn’t figure out the back of the bench…perhaps a headboard :) I love it! So creative!

    I host a weekly Friday link party I would love you to join if you are interested.


  18. WOW!~ This is amazing! I can’t wait to show my husband who is a woodworker how awesome this bench came out.

    I found you via HOH link party and am your newest follower. I hope you’ll come by Sew Woodsy and take a visit!

  19. Gail, what a great bench! I love the stencil too. You have got some guts! I’m afraid to drill a hole :)

  20. Gail, what a great bench! I love the stencil too. You have got some guts! I’m afraid to drill a hole :)

  21. You just keep getting better and better at this…I don’t get tried of them. I think they are so neat.I would like to have one in my bed room…if I can get hubby to make one. Trish

  22. Wow is that an impressive project! Just so well done, and so delightful. The person who buys that is really lucky to get such a nice piece!



  23. I have GOT to get a Kreg Jig.

    These benches are so darn cute, I would love to have one in my garden. I’m sure with a good coat of exterior paint or poly any type of wood would hold up, right?

    Love the stencil job, too.

  24. Thank you all so very much! I appreciate your kind words!

    I sprayed the bench with primer and dutch boy with a gravity fed sprayer from Harbor Freight.

    I used spray paint (krylon dual) for the stencil.
    Hope this info helps!
    Alyssa, you are a no-reply, so I couldn’t email you.


  25. Love it! What kind of paint sprayer do you use and where did you get it? Thank you!!

  26. I love that one Gail. It looks so nice and the Welcome makes it so inviting.

  27. This is just amazing! I love it and I want it! I’m gonna have to get me one of those Silhouette machines…
    Beautiful job as always :)

  28. I think this is my favourite one of all. The stencil really makes it special and I’m sure it will be sold very quickly.

  29. Another beautiful creation from a beautiful lady!

  30. Love it!
    (I am never tired of seeing your benches)

  31. I just love it! Love the dark wood slats! Great job once again!


  32. Gail I love it!! I haven’t seen a bed/bench like this one yes! I love the dark wood slats!!

  33. The bench is lovely! I love using my Silhouette to create stencils as well…it’s the best!

  34. Simply gorgeous Gail… love everything about it.

    Hugs, Deb

  35. I am so impressed! You did a fabulous job creating the bench, and it looks stunning! Please stop by http://www.laughloveandcraft.com and link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party! I’m your newest follower!

  36. If I were near there I’d go get that bench for my porch. Love the font and the whole thing. You’re so good!

  37. that looks fabulous! like amanda, i like the dark and white contrast… the seat is really cool! it almost reminds me of piano keys with its black and white…

  38. that looks fabulous! like amanda, i like the dark and white contrast… the seat is really cool! it almost reminds me of piano keys with its black and white…

  39. The bench looks wonderful, love the contrast of light and dark. I can’t imagine anyone wanting furniture let alone a bench without some wording on it! Hubby is lucky I haven’t stencilled every piece of furniture in the house!

    Thanks for sharing another great project!

  40. I love this! I’m going to try it myself. I’ve been collecting so many things to remake lately, my daughter has a fear of me turning into a hoarder..lol. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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