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Kitchen Island made from Desk

My Repurposed Life-Desk To Kitchen Island

Let’s revisit yesterday’s post about building a kitchen island from a desk.

IM000116 I took the desk from jamie’s room.

desk repurposed into an island I added a little of this and that.

100_7939 Used some fabulous Gorilla Wood Glue to glue some luan on top of the ugly OSB.

Repurposed Desk into an Island Put it all on some casters.


Repurposed Desk I added a little trim here and there.


100_7988 I painted it with primer.

100_7991 Painted the drawers with primer.


Repurposed desk (kitchen Island)



Repurposed Desk into Kitchen Island Craft Station The color is gray (Glidden Heather Gray mixed with a little Glidden oops gray)  even though it doesn’t look like it in this picture.

100_8003 The back.

Repurposed Desk-Kitchen Island After getting it inside, I see that I may need to trim out the inside of this area with some bead board to give it a more finished look.  It’s amazing what you don’t see until you take a few pictures.
Look at those wonderful drawers!  I will be able to organize throw all my stuff in there. Perhaps I can keep all my paint brushes,  Gorilla Glue, etc stashed away, but in easy reach!

100_8001And during the holidays we will have a great place to serve up our feasts!

100_8010 So, there you have it. My DIY Kitchen Island-Bar-Craft Station.

You can see how I made the top in my post DIY Kitchen Island (top)


Edited to add (June 10, 2012)

After 18 months of not liking the color, I painted my island black.

Repurposed Desk into a Kitchen IslandI have also added some DIY  barn doors and painted my blue counter tops with a faux granite paint.

DIY Black Kitchen Island Made from a DeskI’m loving the new color of my island. You can see more of the counter tops in this picture.  I also installed board and batten for my back splash.


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  1. Dang! i just got rid of one almost identical to what you started with! Great idea! love it!

  2. Ur a genius! Love it. Can I ask, what fid u use for the legs/feet on the desk/island?


  4. Nanciscruffydog says:

    This is a GREAT idea!!! Wow! LOVE it!!!!!

  5. I LOVE this! It came out so beautifully! I would store my trash can in that big space inside too! Love it!

  6. I’m in LOVE!

  7. i’m really diggin’ on this creativity!!! I’ll be featuring it on my blog 12/11 smallfineprint.blogspot.com

  8. Congrats on making the TOP 10 at The DIY Club. You do amazing work girl, love it.

  9. Gail,
    You did a great job on that piece. It doesn’t even look the same.

    I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.


  10. You’re amazing, Gail. Yet another masterpiece! I love it – the top is my favorite but using the desk was genius! 😉


  11. That is wonderful!! I especially love the top. Nice job. :-)

  12. Thinking outside the desk! I love it. I love the barn board top. I am digging two tones lately.

  13. That is awesome! What a great idea and fabulous result!

  14. Wow – what a great idea ! I have my son’s old desk in the guest room…. hmmmmmmmmm a craft cart for my craft room……… You got me thinking !

    thanks for sharing ! I’m your newest follower !!!!

  15. What a great job you did on your kitchen island. I love it!

  16. That is an amazing transformation! Great job and thanks sharing!

  17. How clever is that?! I love the top and the beadboard gives it personality. Function meets fabulous!

  18. Gail, you ROCK! This is fantabulous! Great work again!

  19. I can’t stand it! That is amazing!!

  20. Wow! I never would have thought of that! I love the beadboard!

  21. LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for linking! I’ll be featuring this Tutorial on Nov. 11th on BCD!


  22. Gail, it’s so fantastic! I especially love the top, and for $2, how could I not?!
    Love it!


  23. Once again you hit it out of the park. Really creative.

  24. I love that top! I did this for my kitchen cabinets a few years ago and I still love it! I have a 14′ counter and it was gonna cost a fortune for a new one, I saw this on HGTV and decided to give it a go, got it all done for under $100! I never thought to make a rolling bar to match for it tho….now my brain is working again….lol

  25. That is awesome!! I want an island for my kitchen so bad but I never would have thought to use a desk. You truly are inspiring.

  26. Now I won’t get any sleep tonight!!! I know better than to come here at this hour….you get my head to spinnin’!

  27. My goodness…you are most definitely the QUEEN of repurposing…I am just thrilled to be in your court — or am I just beyond the drawbridge? LOVE THIS!!!! The top is BRILLIANT. I am always amazed how you can see so much in the possibility.


  28. Another awesome and inspiring transformation Gail!!

  29. Wow that’s amazing. I want one to go in my new kitchen. I have been looking on craigslist to find one….(talking to myself) wouldn’t it be marvelous if I could make my own like Gail can….I’m thinking just maybe I can….I can at least try. Gail you’re a very talented lady. :)
    God Bless Trish

  30. Bravo!! Love that you used a desk. Leave it to you to think outside the box. Love the top too. Leave us hanging on how you did it. That’s okay, I’ll wait.

  31. This Kitchen Island is BETTER than the ones Iv’e seen in the store. Just beautiful, thanks for showing us the completed piece.

  32. This Kitchen Island is BETTER than the ones Iv’e seen in the store. Just beautiful, thanks for showing us the completed piece.

  33. Looks great. Just shows what you can do with a little imagination. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Gail! This is so beautiful! I love the way to top looks! I think it’ll only improve with time and as it gets “love dings” in it! The beadboard is the perfect touch. Reading blogs like yours makes me never want to pay full price for furniture ever again!

  35. Love it Gail… the top is so pretty too!

  36. That is cool! I love the planks on the top~who knew a desk would make such a great addition to a kitchen?

  37. You never cease to amaze me! What a great transformation, your island is wonderful!!!

  38. What an wonderful new piece! I can imagine this will be a peace you and your family will enjoy for many years.

  39. Wow, you craftsmanship never ceases to amaze me. A great job on this one!!

  40. Gail, you knocked that one out of the park!! What an amazing transformation. I like that it is on rollers so it can be moved where ever you need it. Wish my brain worked as creatively as yours.

  41. OMG Gail you are SO clever! Your kitchen island is amazing! Very nice!

  42. gail it looks fantastic! the rustic top is my favorite new addition. just beautiful! and you get to look at it every day, and sigh to yourself and think, “yup, i made that!”.

  43. gail it looks fantastic! the rustic top is my favorite new addition. just beautiful! and you get to look at it every day, and sigh to yourself and think, “yup, i made that!”.

  44. Another great completed project. This kitchen is going to be great!

  45. Last night, I showed Dustin the Facebook picture of this and had him guess what you started with. I can’t remember what he guessed (I’ve slept since then:)) but he never even considered that there was a desk in there somewhere! :)

    Great job on this. I can spot things that would look better with a paint job on them… but, after ‘watching’ you work, I’m trying to look a little deeper and repurpose even more. Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

  46. Bravo! The desk is no more. Now it’s the perfect little island/craft station.
    Great job on this one, you deserve a break today after all that work!

  47. You continue to amaze me….looks great :)

  48. Amazing! Do you brush roll or spray your paint? What kind of sprayer if that is what you use? THANKS!

  49. So lovely…makes you feel like anyone can do it, love the color paint and the top, I’ll check back to see how you did it! Great job!


  50. Oh my–it turned out sooooo lovely!!!!!!! you are most creative and talented! great job!

  51. Fabulous!!! I love it! What did you use to make the top? I really like the look of it, and knowing you, I’m sure it didn’t cost a fortune :) You did an amazing job with it, and it is going to be so functional for you!

  52. Beautiful!

  53. You are totally amazing!

  54. Gail, you rocked it out! :-) I LOVE the top you did, much better than butcher block! I’m passing along your blog post to a new reader of mine. She said I inspired her to build an island from a study desk, so I though yours would make her very happy! :)
    Have a great one my friend…try and take it easy for a day or so! :)
    Love ya

  55. Love it and wish you were a real-life friend – definitely need some of your inspiration and talent.

    Great work, well done

  56. Gail you totally aced this one… looks spectacular… I am trying to find new works… I could say fabulous, fantastic, awesome, magnificant but I would only be repeating myself because all your projects are all of the above.

    Great job… now I really can’t wait to see what is next.

  57. I love it!! I have been following your progress with this one and was keen to see it done. You are just the cleverest repurposer there is :)

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