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Do YOU collect headboards like I do? I have used headboards in more projects than any other item.  They are plentiful in thrift stores and on the side of the road.

It’s hard for me to turn down a headboard of any kind. My preference is of course benches, but there are so many things you can do with headboards.

Check out these great headboard project ideas  . . .

twin headboard chalkboard

Twin Headboard Chalkboard

repurposed headboard memo coatrack

Headboard Memo Center

Amazing Grace sign from headboard

Amazing Grace sign made from a headboard

bookcase headboard repurposed

Bookcase Headboard repurposed into a kids shelf/headboard

Home Where Your Story Begins

Home-Where Your Story Begins sign from a headboard

Bienvenue sign repurposed headboard

Bienvenue sign from a headboard

repurposed headboard photo display

Photo Display/Coat Rack from a headboard

always kiss me goodnight

Foot Board Reupurposed into Sign “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”

repurposed headboard

Headboard Coatrack

25+ benches from headboard

25+ benches from headboards and such

I still have so many headboards in my stash just waiting to become a new and unique piece.


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