Chest of Drawers Bookshelf


Wow! do you remember that ugly chest of drawers I got from my friend Cathy?  It was in very rough shape and had been mistreated terribly.   The very first thing I did was grab my Ryobi orbital sander and some 80 grit sandpaper to deal with the top of the chest of drawers. … [Read more...]

Catch As Catch Can 187


Are you ready for Halloween?   We never get any trick or treaters in my neighborhood.  The weather has been so warm, that it’s difficult to be ready for Fall.  At least the warm weather has allowed me to work on some projects. Tonight I have some great DIY tutorials for you—ones I just can’t wait to pin so I can add them to my list of things I want to do.  I hope YOU are inspired as well.   … [Read more...]

Installing Real Carriage Barn Door


  When you want to install a barn door between two rooms . . .   where there isn’t a header . . .   . . . you call your cousin Terry and  build one.   You may think that is a little overkill, but we knew this barn door was going to be very heavy, and we had some extra 2x4’s…. hahahaha   After some drywall, and a lot of mud . . .   . . . and some more mud     with a little bit of patching     Fast forward a week or … [Read more...]

DIY Storage Crates

DIY Storage Crates

With Six kids I not only feel completely overwhelmed with laundry (my nemesis), but toys seem to appear out of no where... and keeping them contained can be tricky. I have been really good at repurposing my empty plastic laundry soap tubs to use as toy bins, but lets face it, they only come in one size, and they aren't always big enough.  So, I decided to make some DIY Storage Crates. … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 186


Whoa!  It’s been a rough week trying to get back into the swing of things after the show at Glendale.  Sure glad I only do one show a year! I have some of your super projects that caught my eye this week: … [Read more...]

IKEA Tarva Hack Challenge


I am so excited to show you this IKEA Tarva Hack project!  Oh, how I love a great challenge.  My friends at Homeright offered up 5 IKEA Tarva dressers to their brand ambassadors.  The interest was overwhelming, so they did a random drawing the old school way—pulling 5 names out of a hat.  Well, I  wasn’t actually there, so I’m not positive there was a hat involved, but I was one of the lucky FIVE! As always, whenever I do a HomeRight sponsored post, there WILL be a giveaway Be sure to scroll to … [Read more...]

Glendale Festival 2014-Successful show!


Since it’s been 2 years since I went to Glendale,  I had a LOT of stuff. My goal was to rehome my stuff to people who appreciate it. I priced my items to sell.  I rented 2 booths and they were both pretty full.  I really am clueless about how to set up and display many items.  Since I only do this once a year, I haven’t had a lot of practice.  Many of the items I took would look best if displayed on some sort of wall—I need to rethink that next year. … [Read more...]

Packed for Glendale 2014


Do you know what happens when a gal writes a DIY repurposed blog with tutorials on a regular basis?  She ends up collecting a lot of projects that need to be rehomed.  To do that, I attend one craft show a year in Glendale Kentucky.  That show happens to be this weekend.  I am setting up 2 booths today with a.lot.of.stuff. It took a couple of hours to get it all loaded into a pickup truck.  I can only imagine how much time it will take me to get it all set up.  … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 185


I love being inspired by you all each week!  My big show at Glendale is this weekend, and I wish I had one of each of these fabulous projects to take with me. Thank you so much for linking up and linking back to MRL last week! … [Read more...]

Homeright Finish Max Projects


You probably know I'm a Brand Ambassador for my friends at, right? Did you know I also do a monthly blog contribution for them? October's blog post is now LIVE! … [Read more...]

Repurposed Mirror Chalkboard


  In my recent finds fall edition yesterday, I showed you this $5 mirror I picked up at the Peddler’s Mall.   There are several factors that go into my decision whether to leave a piece a mirror, or to change it up into a chalkboard.  This mirror had a lot of broken thingys that secure the screws.  Mirrors like this are VERY heavy.   In addition, the cardboard backing that was holding the large, heavy mirror in place was in bad shape.  So, for all those reasons I … [Read more...]

Recent Finds Fall Edition


Jamie was visiting recently, and we took the opportunity to hit up a favorite thrift store.   Those of you who’ve been around for awhile may remember my friend Joey (Peddler’s Mall).  No matter where his booth is, it’s always 396, which makes it easy for me to identify his great bargains.  Jamie wanted this for the portrait, and I of course wanted it for the frame.  Splitting the 2 bucks made this a real bargain! … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 184


Things have been crazy busy around here.  Pretty Fall days allow me to get lots of projects started.  I’m currently bouncing around from 3 or 4, but not getting anything completed.  Do you have weeks like that? On with the show!   You will love these projects! … [Read more...]

Craft Show Display Easel


A couple of years ago, I made a few large wooden display easels out of 2x2’s.  I made them to display chalkboards and mirrors, with no plan to sell them.  People asked to buy them,  but I priced them very high so that I wouldn’t accidentally sell them and have to make more. I recently decided it was time to perfect my wooden display easel plan, and do a tutorial so you too can make one if you’d like. … [Read more...]

Salvage Style Repurposed Drawer Front


I have a great repurposed drawer front project to share with you today and I want to tell you that I am joining with 8 other terrific bloggers who want to inspire you to create your own Salvage Style. I attached old door knobs to this repurposed drawer front to make a great coat rack that will not only decorate your space, but help you stay a little more organized.  It can hold coats, jackets, jewelry or even use it in your bathroom or kitchen to hold towels. . … [Read more...]