Heirloom Traditions Paint Giveaway


I went to a gathering of Heirloom Traditions Paint retailers over the weekend.  There were people there from all over.  I heard there was someone there from Australia and Canada.  Oh, did I mention that Heirloom Traditions Paint is based right here in Louisville Kentucky? I was contacted by Paula Blankenship, the creative director of the company a couple of months ago.  She had some visitors from another state, and they told her about My Repurposed Life! … [Read more...]

White Entryway Bench made from Kitchen Cabinet


Today's project is a white entryway bench that I made using a repurposed kitchen cabinet. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate DIY Bundle Flash 48 hour sale

lazy girl's guide to furniture painting

Do you remember The Ultimate DIY Bundle from earlier in the year?   No… well, it’s a bunch of great e-books all wrapped up in one fabulous package!   I have enjoyed reading many of the e-books in the bundle.   Want to know the first book I ripped open?  (otherwise known as downloaded)  It was The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting by Allison Griffith.   Side note—I actually got to meet Allison over the weekend, and I told her how much I enjoyed her book, but I forgot to tell … [Read more...]

Easy Sheet Metal Candle Lantern


I have an easy and fun project to share with you today, it’s a sheet metal candle lantern.  It’s sort of like a koozy for your candle.   Last year I picked up some decorative sheet metal to use on some projects.  After cutting the pieces to fit those projects, I had some small pieces left over. Then I saw this idea on Pinterest. … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 206


It’s that time again!  Time for us all to be inspired by each other to think outside the box with some great DIY projects! … [Read more...]

$500 Giveaway from Inkshuffle.com


Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to host a fabulous giveaway for Inkshuffle.com.   They contacted me about doing a review, and although I LOVE what they have to offer, I don’t have a spot in my small home to utilize a wall mural.  So, I asked them if they would like to do a giveaway and they said yes!   One lucky winner will have $500 to spend on their site.   Woohooo! … [Read more...]

Repurposed tv armoire office storage


What do you do when you need more storage and office space in your two bedroom patio home? Well, if you’re frugal like my cousin Terry, you go thrift shopping and score a great deal on this piece to make a repurposed tv armoire  project (for office storage). … [Read more...]

Cheap Cabinet into Nice Bench

close side view with books of nice bench

Happy Friday, it's Mindi from MyLove2Create again!  I am excited because it is the start of our Spring Break!  Even though we are not really going anywhere, we are going to hang with cousins and I am hopefully going to paint some rooms in my house!!!  It is long over due let me tell ya! Anyway, I am happy to be back to share a great project with you, how to turn a Cheap Cabinet into Nice Bench! … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 205


Wow!  It’s already Thursday!  Where does the time go?   It’s been a busy week around here, and then suddenly this afternoon I realized it is Thursday!  oops!  After all these years, you would think I’d put this post together over the weekend prior…. nope—I guess I must be a procrastinator.  … [Read more...]

Shopping on Ebay with My Repurposed Life


If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen some status updates about my Ebay guides and collections.  Yep, I’m now writing for Ebay.  To be perfectly honest, I haven’t shopped Ebay for years.  I use to do a lot of shopping on Ebay , when we were a household of 3 and always in need of something.  But since it’s just me now, I don’t buy much stuff. But!!! Oh my gosh, since I’ve been curating content for them, I’ve found all kinds of neat stuff that I want to buy! You know I’m a … [Read more...]