Kitchen Hutch Buffet from a Repurposed Desk


You may remember this desk and hutch. I’ve already shown it to you in the post Recent Finds Leann’s Curb Finds, and then I showed you the details of how I cut it down to size in the post DIY Desk/Hutch Modification .   Top left—on the curb. Top right—cutting the desk with my sawzall. Bottom left—if you look closely you’ll see that it’s cut all the way around the perimeter. Bottom right—the new smaller version of the desk with shelves also cut down to size. Although this … [Read more...]

The Ultimate DIY Bundle


There are only TWO days left to take advantage of The Ultimate DIY Bundle deal.  So many eBooks and bonuses, for such a great low price of only $34.95.  I have really enjoyed checking out many of the eBooks. … [Read more...]

Leather Belt Crate

MyLove2Create leather belt crate

Hey everyone, it's Mindi again from MyLove2Create! Last week I had a moment of insanity and started ripping out my small hall closet, because I couldn't stand it's total lack of effectiveness any longer. In the process, I decided I needed a crate at the bottom of "said closet", and so that is what I am going to share with you today, my Repurposed Leather Belt Crate! My closet is in white and dark wood tones and so I was thinking along this mind set.  I thought about building a … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 197


Hey there!   It's Thursday, time for another great party.  I love the project tutorials below.  Y'all sure are a talented group.  I love pinning your projects to the Catch as Catch Can Pinterest board so I can easily find all the features.  If you haven't checked it out, you should. On with the show! … [Read more...]

The Ultimate DIY Bundle eBooks for everyone!


Enter The Giveaway Below The giveaway has ended, see the rafflecopter widget below for the list of winners. I am so excited to tell you  about The Ultimate DIY Bundle.  If you're a regular here, you know how much I love creating a project, then blogging about it.  You also probably know photography, and decorating are not my strong point. I have had a chance to check out The Ultimate DIY Bundle to learn new tips and tricks already!  It's an amazing collection of everything DIY, something for … [Read more...]

Recent Finds Winter 2015


  Because of my cut the cord clutter post, I’m doing my recent finds today instead of yesterday. I went thrifting with my friend Cathy last week, and I got some great deals.   These doors had to go between the seats, and almost conked me on the head when they shifted.  I should have slanted them to the other side.    I loved this watering can.  It was the most expensive thing I bought at $5.  (My limit)   There was a booth that had several hollow … [Read more...]

Cord Clutter solved with Repurposed Nightstands


It’s a new year, and many of us resolve to make some changes.  I always have good intentions, and I’m hoping that this year my attempts to declutter will be better.   I’ve done great in the last few years at not bringing too much stuff into the house.  I’m not a big shopper, but I also struggle with letting things go. When approached me about doing a project for their  Cheers For Change campaign, there were a few options that I looked at.  You know I rarely keep my project … [Read more...]

Best Bloggers DIY Tips and Tricks


You’re never too old to learn a new trick, right?  When it comes to DIY, even the smallest DIY tips can save lots of headaches, time, and money! When I put the word out on Facebook,  some of the best DIY bloggers in the biz gave me their favorite tip to help you out! … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 196


Welcome to this week’s link party!  I have some great DIY tutorials to share with you this week, you’ll definitely want these on your to-do list for 2015. … [Read more...]

Large Coat Rack Shelf


    Last week while I was looking for a quick and easy project that I could work on in the basement shop I saw this over sized crown molding  I recently picked up at the Peddler’s Mall. I thought it would be perfect for a large coat rack shelf.   I found  two 1x10’s in my scrap pile.   Checking to see if I like the crown molding I chose.   I cut the crown molding ends on my miter saw.   Here I’m doing a dry fit while holding everything … [Read more...]