Small Chalkboard Easel


Happy Friday!  I have a quick and easy small chalkboard easel made out of cabinet doors.  Make one for you, for the kids or both! A long time ago I picked up a LOT of  small cabinet doors from my local ReStore for $1 each.  Be sure to check the bottom of this post for the other items I’ve made with these doors.   Do you remember Mindi’s project using old picture frames to make a portable chalkboard?  After I saw that project, I knew my cabinet doors would be perfect to make a small … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 210


Happy Thursday!  It’s been a busy week.  I’ve got a great repurpose to share with you next week.  I’ve been working hard on the twin cabinet to my saw stand. Here are some great projects to inspire you this weekend. … [Read more...]

Garden Bench made from Repurposed Chairs


  I made this little doll bench almost 6 years ago.  It was one of my very first projects.  It’s been in storage ever since.  As I was tidying up in the last few weeks I dug it out and decided to rework the poor little thing into a garden bench. Note: this is before I got a Kreg Jig , meaning I had to put legs inside of the “box”.  (skirt)       … [Read more...]

DIY Corner Planter

close up of top planter

Today I am sharing fun DIY Corner Planter.  I guess technically I used a corner cabinet door, but I decided to shorten it.  :) Last year I made Old Drawers into Porch Planters, which I shared on My Repurposed Life as one of my contributor posts.   They were such a pretty addition to my porch I decided to add another planer, but a corner one. It all started with some old kitchen cabinet doors my friend gave I hit the jackpot on those, they were free and I have a TON!  Yes, … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 209


Happy Thursday!!!   It’s time to be inspired by all of these great projects.  I appreciate everyone who links up and links back week after week.  Y’all make me smile. On with the show…. … [Read more...]

Repurposed Hutch Top into a Coat Rack Shelf


  Sometimes I’m a little slow to process ideas.  Today I’m going to show you a project that I have been waiting  years for it to speak to me.  I finally made this repurposed hutch top  into a coat rack shelf. … [Read more...]

Recent Finds Saw Stand in my own garage


I have been working on cleaning out one of my storage areas.  I have collected a lot of “stuff” and I am overflowing with finished projects.  Something has to be done.   This piece was dropped off to me last summer, and it’s not only been taking up room in the garage, but it’s also been holding 1 large and 2 small dollies hostage!  Thankfully it was on those dollies, allowing me to roll it out of the garage. … [Read more...]

Art Accessories


Earlier this week I showed you how I transformed that small armoire into a kid’s art desk.  Today I’m going to share the details of the art accessories I used. … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 208


Wow!  It’s been a crazy week around her weather wise.  Lots of rain and storms, and a high today of 84°!   That’s summer-like temps! (and humidity)   ugh! I’ve worked on some projects indoors, and I’m squeezing this post in—in between storms.  We lost power earlier, and more storms are on the way this afternoon.  So, I better get busy showing you these fabulous projects (and tutorials). … [Read more...]

Headlight Restoration Kit Giveaway


I think you all know that I am responsible for all the upkeep around this old house.  That includes taking care of my aging vehicle as well. It’s the first (and last) new car I’ll ever own.  I’m known very well for parking “40 miles from the door” in order to keep my doors from getting dings, even if it is almost 11 years old.  Lately I’ve noticed that my headlights were starting to show signs of aging—some cloudiness and looking dull. … [Read more...]