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Catch as Catch Can 220


It’s been a nice week here in Louisville. I’ve been so busy working on projects that I almost forgot to write this week’s Catch as Catch Can post!  … [Read more...]

Assemble Spray Paint Shelter Video


Hey y’all!  You get to hear my Kentucky accent in a short video I’m sharing today.  I’m going to show you how easy it is to assemble a Homeright Spray Paint Shelter.  If you follow my directions, you will be able to quickly assemble your own spray paint shelter in no time. … [Read more...]

Easy Image Transfer


Do you remember my free coffee table?  I painted it earlier in the month using my Homeright Spray Shelter.  Today, I’m going to show you how I did an easy image transfer on the coffee table using 1Gel from Heirloom Traditions Paint. … [Read more...]

Recent Finds Welcome Summer Lumber and more


It was so hot last week, that the only thing to do was to go thrift shopping!  There is this one Peddler’s Mall where I like to buy sheets of small plywood—BUT!  I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any until I got the garage cleaned out in order to actually be able to organize the new stuff.  With my friend Cathy’s help I was able to tidy the garage several weeks ago.  I borrowed a truck so that I could get longer pieces. … [Read more...]

How to Make a Repurposed Books Lamp in 10 Easy Steps!

repurposed books light 1

It's Angie here, and I'm excited to be back to share another tutorial with you this month!  I love being able to keep old, unwanted books out of the landfill, so books are some of my favorite things to recreate with. I'm going to show you how to make your own repurposed books lamp!  The fun thing about this project is no two turn out the same.  You can use 1 large single book, or several smaller ones. You can select books that have complimentary colors, or all one color, or books with titles you … [Read more...]

Catch as Catch Can 219


Happy Thursday!  I’m so happy to share more great features with you tonight.  You inspire me on a regular basis. I hope you find something to inspire you to get busy this weekend! … [Read more...]

IKEA Billy bookcase update with paint and reclaimed wood


Are you looking to give your IKEA Billy bookcase a new look?  Maybe you got one while you were in college, or maybe for your first apartment.  Well, don’t donate that IKEA Billy bookcase, give it a makeover!  Y’all know I’m a Homeright Ambassador, and you may remember when I participated in an IKEA Tarva hack challenge last fall.  In fact, I actually won that challenge. Well, Homeright has issued another challenge for us! Homeright sent us a small IKEA Billy book case and asked us to do “our … [Read more...]

Mason jar vases and sconces


I hope to inspire you to make your own mason jar vases, just like I was inspired by my friend Sharon. … [Read more...]

Recent Finds it’s too hot edition


Oh my!  It’s been so hot here, and it looks like there’s no end in sight.  I haven’t been to a single yard sale this year.  But, we have so many of those “junk” malls that it’s a good way to kill some time and keep cool. I went to the White Elephant over the weekend looking for my next great project.    I didn’t find any furniture pieces, but I did find some things that I thought I might be useful for staging my projects. … [Read more...]

Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack using Tinker toys

Pallet Wood and Tinker Toys Wall hooks

    Before I begin this post, I have to sincerely thank Gail for asking me to be a guest blogger.  Like Gail, I love taking old things and repurposing them into something new. If you're like me, you like creating but you don't want to spend a lot of money.  Since I had all the paints and glues for this reclaimed wood coat rack project, the total cost was FREE.   … [Read more...]