DIY potting table bench


        My mission –should I accept it is to build a potting bench from leftover bits and pieces that are hanging out in Jamie & Andy’s garage, including a former privacy fence gate, a shutter,  some former display racks and random 2x4’s and 4x4’s. … [Read more...]


Silhouette April Heat Transfer Promotion


I’ve got some great news for you!  Silhouette is having a great sale. … [Read more...]


Tips for Sanding Vintage Hardwood Floors


The following is from my cousin’s son Doug—he volunteered to help me sand the hardwood floors, and he even wrote up the blog post for me.  Take it away Doug!   Doing hardwood floors was always something a little different to me. They’re by far the most visible feature of the room, when done right they can be beautiful and add warmth and character to a home. When looking at hardwood projects I always feared that I didn’t have the attention to detail that was needed to make them look … [Read more...]


Antique Style Wooden Crate Wall Organizer


I hope I'm not the only person that has epic DIY failures occasionally, but Gail graciously let me come share with you how I salvaged my DIY failure into a project I love.   My name is Angie, and my blog home is Knick of Time, where I share lots of repurposed vintage projects & free antique graphics each week. Okay, here's the story behind my DIY failure.  … [Read more...]


Catch as Catch Can 160


Woohoo! It is Thursday. I'm actually visiting Jamie this weekend. I hope you all have a very nice Easter weekend. I have some very wonderful features for you tonight. … [Read more...]


My Bloomin’ Allergies #HealthierHome #ad


Big News!  Louisville KY is #1 on the cities with the worst allergies. We ranked #5 last year, but this is our third #1 in the last 12 years. Lucky me.  I battle with seasonal allergies every year.    With the kind of work I do on projects, I tend to spend most days outside.  I have heard some good tips lately, and figured out some things that work for me. … [Read more...]


small outdoor garden bench from reclaimed fence


  Do you remember this fence I rescued from a burn pile earlier in the year?     Over the weekend I dismantled two sections of it to make something easy. … [Read more...]


Wooden Chevron Tabletop using Shutter Slats


  Do you remember this repurposed t.v. stand (from the ReStore) that I showed you last week?  If you remember-- I painted with my new Homeright Finish Max Pro?   I’ve got some details to share with you today. … [Read more...]


Ripping up carpet and padding 101


Have you ever wanted to rip up the carpet to expose your hardwood floors?  I’ve done it a couple of times before. Once at Jamie’s house when she first moved to Nashville, and here at my own home when I got tired of the carpet.  It’s always full of surprises and each of those experiences were different. … [Read more...]


Save Money and Help Mother Earth


Do you need some green laundry tips? Do have have some to share with the rest of us?  As part of the True Value DIY Blog Squad I get to write a feature for the StartRight StartHere site about green laundry tips. Some of the tips I found through research, many of them are from the life I live. I think green living falls into three categories: … [Read more...]


Repurposed Table Top into Game Box

Repurposed table top into game box

Hi My Repurposed Life readers!  Obviously you love repurposed projects, and so I have a fun one today... A repurposed table top into a game box!  What is a game box you ask? … [Read more...]


Catch as Catch Can 159


It’s Thursday, time to party.  I hope some of the following projects inspire you to take on your own project. … [Read more...]


giveaway Homeright Finish Max Pro


THIS giveaway has ended, see the rafflecopter widget below for the winner Did you see my post yesterday about my new Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer? … [Read more...]


Finish Max Pro by Homeright {review}


  The nice folks at Homeright sent me a new toy, the Finish Max Pro.  I seriously didn’t think I could love anything more than I do my regular Finish Max, but I was wrong!   In honor of my new toy, I hung some new plastic in my DIY Paint Booth and rolled this old t.v. cabinet in for a makeover. … [Read more...]


Pineapple Headboard Bench


  This pineapple bed was in pretty rough shape, in fact her owner told me they had to use screws on the rails because they were so warped.  I had to do some gluing and repairs in order for it to be sturdy enough for a bench. … [Read more...]