headboard bench ideas 25+ projects

headboard bench ideas 
This is a roundup of all the headboard bench ideas  I’ve done over the last several years. Each link will take you to the original post.

kids corner bench from a bed Kids corner bench

repurposed headboard into bench
black repurposed headboard bench
small pink bench
repurposed foot board into a bench
twin headboard bench
white twin headboard bench
sleigh bed repurposed into bench
sleigh bed foot board bench
bunk bed repurposed
white headboard bench
headboard bench
full size headboard corner bench
twin spool bed bench
corner bench made from headboard
girly twin scalloped headboard bench
foot board made into a bench
full sized bed into a corner bench
pretty white spool headboard bench
easy headboard bench
Easy Twin Headboard Bench (great for beginners)
brown spool bed bench
doggie day bed
full sized maple headboard bench
dog bed
Repurposed Bed (bench)
twin headboard bench padded (no sew) seat
baby bed bench
repurposed crib toy box bench
Looking for a simpler project from a headboard?  Check out this post:
headboard collage

Repurposed Headboards, chalkboards, coatracks and more!


I have about 10-12 projects just waiting to be built—stay tuned!



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  1. Loved looking at this review of all your benches. A link to one is what brought me to your blog for the first time and I’ve enjoyed each and every one since that first day. I hope you never stop doing them!

  2. You are the bench-queen! Looking at them is like a travel thru the past ;o)
    Happy Tuesday,

  3. It was fun seeing your headboard benches all together. They are each so clever in their own unique way.

  4. Looks impressive to see them all in a row. Just think of all those beds you saved from the landfill or even worse, firewood!
    I always think of the headboard bench as the ultimate recycle project.

  5. Awesome collection Gail! And just what I needed. I’ve never made a bench, but the other day Megan & I picked up a headboard and footboard from the side of the road and I immediately knew we should give this a try. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. So many amazing designs! Love this collection.

  7. That’s a lot of benches! Good job!

  8. Stopping in to do some quick pinning.


  9. Fabulous work, Gail!!!

  10. you amaze me!every time…

  11. I am going to echo the first comment…The headboard bench is what brought me to your blog for the first time! I am so happy too! These benches are so awesome, Thanks for showing all of them!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Very cool made one my self this summer! lots a fun!

  13. Gail! I’ve loved every single one…and have certainly been inspired. Even made my own bench…from 3 chairs, using your favorited TOOL. the kreg jig!!!

    You’ve certainly done a lot of them. I don’t know which one I’d pick as a favorite. I really like the corner benches…but all my corners are taken up with stuff!

    …have a great Tuesday! Pat

  14. OH my gosh Gail!
    They are all so beautiful.
    I would have such a hard time picking a favorite!

  15. WooHoo! You’ve just saved me tons of work…lol I am about to undertake my own bed-turned-bench project for a friend with an antique piece from family. I have always admired your work and now I’m using it for reference…your pieces are all so unique!

  16. Wow – you have been busy! I love how each bench is so unique. Beautiful job!

  17. This is an amazing collection of projects! I love to see where your vision takes you, each of your benches is so original and beautifully made! I spotted the Pound Puppy in your picture, if they aren’t already bringing them back, they should. :)

  18. As i’m sure you know by now i am nuts for all the benches you have made and cant wait for the next one

  19. Gail,
    You never cease to amaze me! You are so talented! Wow, that must have been a TON of work going back and forth linking and pasting all these benches into the post! I hope your shoulder is healing… I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately!

  20. Wowza Gail–you have been one bUsy lady!
    They’re all fAb–but I especially LUV-absolutely-LUV the last one and the white w/green pillows!
    Man I could have some fun building with you!

  21. I love looking at all your benches. The Jenny Lind ones are my favorites.


  22. Love how you put them into one post. Very smart and a great reference for anyone who wants to build one! That was a lot of work!

  23. Happy to feature you at the part this moning!

  24. Wow! What a fantastic round up! So hard to pick a favorite, but I think the black bench with the white pleated skirt pad. I am actually in the process of making a bench from a headboard I pulled out of an apartment dumpster, and well….old garage door panels that I cut up to make the arms. Let’s just hope my vision in my head actually translates to one I can use in my living room!

  25. I love this post … I’m just about to make a headboard bench and this is an awesome selection to choose from! Thanks!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Love all of these ideas!!! Would love it more if I didn’t have to pause a video every time I come to your page though :(

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